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Pickleball Finds a New Stage…The Middle of a Brett Eldredge Concert

by JB Jones on

Country Music star Brett Eldredge ended his Good Day tour with a Bang!…and a dink. Eldredge and his tourmates have been enjoying playing pickleball so much on the road, that he gifted them a pickleball set. His tourmates including Morgan Evans…no not that Morgan Evans, were talking fellow Aussie, country music star Morgan Evans, brought the pickleball net on stage and decided to have a game during Eldredge’s rendition of My Girl.

Pickleball Veteran

Eldredge has been playing longer than most of us. I guess he finally found Somethin’ He is Good At. His Facebook shows him playing way back into 2017 before pickleball was the thing to do. He plays while taking The Long Way across the country and says the game helps make sure I don’t Lose My Mind on the road. Brett hopefully you’ve made the call to put a court in the backyard. Send us a picture and let us know.

JB Jones

JB Jones

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