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Playing at the NVZ Line is Like Baseball

by The Dink Media Team on

When a hitter is in the batter's box, they go through the same routine on nearly every pitch.

One reason for that is because they have less than a second to decide if they're going to swing.

Well, that same concept can be applied to pickleball. When you're at the NVZ line (the kitchen), you have to lean in to evaluate a dink.

Lean in like you're going to have a speedup opportunity. That way, if the opportunity arises, you’re ready.

Think of the opponent's dink like a pitch. If they leave it in the 'strike zone,' attack that thing like there's no tomorrow.

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If they hit an unattackable dink, go into recovery mode. Regain your balance. Move your feet to field the dink and send it back over the net.

Then prepare yourself for the next 'pitch.'

You'll be amazed how many more balls are attackable when your knees are bent, your chest is forward, and your paddle is out in front.

The main caveat with this strategy is that you have to know that a dink is coming. It will require some assumptions based on their style of play and body language.

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The strategy is best suited for cross-court dinking because cross-court attacks are less common.

When you want to put more pressure on the opponent’s soft game, lean in and make the kitchen look like a hot plate.

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