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Better Putaways at the Kitchen Line

by The Dink Media Team on

Every inch counts on the pickleball court. Making contact with the ball closer to the net allows for more aggressive shots directed at your opponents’ feet.

In other words: reaching into the kitchen changes what is possible on the court.

If you struggle with power on putaways, use your reach to generate better angles and reduce their reaction time.

When you’re at the line, practice making contact further and further into the kitchen. Pick off more high thirds and put increased pressure on your opponent’s dinks.

The key to an effective reach revolves around your stance. You'll want to stake a wide base and stand on the balls of your feet.

A counterweight is imperative to keep you from falling into the kitchen after your shot. Show the fans what you’re working with and stick that butt out.

Bend at the knees and push your behind backward.

Another effective form of counterbalance is to hold your “off” arm behind your body. The twist in your upper body will allow you to maximize your reach.

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Compare a smash from the kitchen line to a smash from halfway into the kitchen. You can take a ball nearly two feet lower and put it directly at your opponent’s feet.

It’s time to get comfortable in an awkward position. Put more pressure on your enemies with better putaways by perfecting the reach.

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