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Pickleball restraining order

by The Dink Media Team on

Countering slams in one easy step. The return of PicklePod.

Forget expensive 12-foot walls with sound barriers.

What towns across the nation need to do to resolve the pickleball noise issue is treat the sport as if everyone nearby has a restraining order against it.

There is now a magic number prescribing the minimum distance needed between homes and courts to minimize noise complaints. More on that below.


Also in this issue:

  • Don't be "put away" - how to counter slams
  • The first Grand Slam of the year
  • The return of PicklePod!

Let's go!

Ball Up, Paddle Down

Picture a high ball floating over the net to your opponent. They're licking their chops, waiting to clobber it like Barry Bonds at the dish in 2001.

Point over, right? Turn around and head back to the line.

Not so fast. In today's game, overhead defense is better than it's ever been.

The pickleball is notoriously difficult to end a point with. The ball slows dramatically in-flight and especially after it bounces, which gives defenders a fighting chance to send the ball back.

The rule that most great defenders follow is Ball Up, Paddle Down. When you leave a ball high, it's time to assume a defensive position, retreat into the backcourt and have your paddle down.

Kyle, aka ThatPickleballGuy, breaks down the nuances in a recent video:

  • The overhead is likely to be aimed at your feet, beat the ball to the spot by having your paddle low.
  • Mimic a volleyball player digging a spike. Bend your knees and put that paddle down, readying to absorb contact.
  • Any ball sent at chest or head level is likely to go out. There's rarely a need to defend a shot coming chest high.

Get out there and start digging up overheads. Nothing frustrates an opponent quite like sending back 4, 5, 6 smashes in the same rally.

Soft Touch, Fast Hands, Exceptional Control

Look out for the latest performance paddle company, PCKL. We featured the PCKL Pro Series in our latest review and had this to say, "The large sweet spot is forgiving and will keep your play consistent."

"If you are looking for a higher-end paddle for a budget-friendly price then this is a great option.”

Check out the full review and use code DINK15 to save 15% off sitewide!

Pickleball restraining order

You may not be surprised to hear about another community threatening lawsuits over pickleball noise. But this time, there may be some good to come from it.

Instead of prattling on about the simple fact that many neighbors don’t like the pickle-pop like they normally do, a news agency in the Phoenix area decided to talk to a noise expert about solutions. What a concept!

This acoustics & noise control expert says he’s contacted all the time about mitigating pickleball sounds.

In a news report, the sound expert advises against tennis court conversions because those courts are often too close to residences. Instead, he advocates for any new pickleball court to be built at least 150 feet away from any home.

Finally, it seems we have a magic number to bring to our town planning committees and project managers.

150 feet is equal to about 10 midsize cars, 25 skis, 6 movie theater screens…or 3.5 pickleball courts. It’s really not that much space for most suburban areas to factor in to pickleball plans.

Considering that two 12-foot walls at that facility near Phoenix may cost $140,000, it’ll save municipalities literal thousands to take the extra time to plan their pickle court placement.

Cold can be therapeutic. In fact, it can be more.

The Cold Plunge may sound like a hard sell, but that’s exactly why it works: studies show dipping your body in cold water increases your muscles’ ability to heal, promotes focus, reduces anxiety, and other health benefits.

Take the plunge and stay in top pickleball shape. Click here to learn more.

The First Grand Slam of the Year

Arizona is starting to feel like home. Mesa will play host to the state's third pro event this year with the PPA Arizona Grand Slam.

Ben Johns and Anna Leigh Waters have won everything so far in 2023. If they keep the streak alive in Mesa, they could make it three straight triple crowns to start the year.

  • ALW is back with Anna Bright for the second time this year
  • Catherine Parenteau will run it with first-time partner Jorja Johnson

Waters should have a heck of a chance at the triple, but it’s going to be a little dicier for Johns, who now has Federico Staksrud in his top half of the singles bracket. It certainly helps his chances that Tyson McGuffin, JW Johnson and Dylan Frazier will be MIA.

Why aren’t Johnson and Frazier in that bracket? Well conspiracy theorists will tell you they’re focusing on men’s doubles and are aiming to beat Riley Newman/Matt Wright in the semi-finals.

  • Dekel Bar to make his PPA 2023 debut alongside AJ Koller and Megan Fudge

If there is one team to contend against Waters/Johns in mixed doubles it's Bright and Newman. But they’ll have to get past Lucky Kovalova/Wright, who ousted them last time around.

In women’s doubles, Kovalova/Callie Smith hope to get back on track after going out in the second round last tournament to the number 17 seeds Bobbi Oshiro/Sarah Ansboury. Let’s also see if the Lea Jansen/Allyce Jones duo can earn back-to-back medals. Click here for an extended preview and podium predictions.

Watch the action live or test your pickleball shark knowledge with the bracket challenge here.


The PicklePod Returns

Ladies and gentlemen, PicklePod is back! Zane Navratil and Thomas Shields have teamed up to bring you all of the pickleball talk that you can handle.

In the debut episode they cover MLP Mesa, a new pickleball reality show and the madness in trying to govern paddle technology. Buckle up for a brand new PicklePod.

Watch here or listen here.

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