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Newsletter: Performance enhancing drugs in pb?

by The Dink Media Team on

When to use two hands. PEDs in pro picke? Dude Perfect buys-in.

proxr pickleball

"I think we will be easily a top 5 sport in the next 5 years, in terms of viewership. We will challenge the MLS, MLB and NHL. We'll be in that category soon, not decades." - Steve Kuhn, Major League Pickleball Founder

Pie in the sky? Maybe. But it doesn't matter. What does matter is the millions of free eyeballs worth of publicity Steve Kuhn is accumulating for MLP with bold statements like this. 3.5 pickleballer. 5.0 marketer.

In this issue:

  • When to use two hands
  • PEDs in pickleball?
  • Dude Perfect's $5M deal
  • Pickleball's bad boy

Let's go!

The Backhand Counter

As far as James "Papa Jimmy" Ignatowich  is concerned, he has the hardest backhand counter in the game.

In a recent video, Iggy recommends that players have both the one-handed counter and two-handed backhand counter at their disposal.

A one-handed backhand is ideal for a ball hit at your body. It allows you to quickly defend yourself and prevent taking one to the chest. The body mechanics even allow for decent power to be generated in this scenario.

When the ball travels outside of your offhand hip/shoulder, then it is ideal to add the second hand. Adding your second hand to the paddle allows you to put more power on your counter. It also allows you to add topspin which can save your ball from going long.

Some players prefer the two-handed backhand counter so much that they will shift laterally to set up their counter. A righthanded player would slide to the right so a ball that was aimed at their body is now perfectly lined up for a two-handed backhand.

Give Papa Jimmy's advice a chance and add a new weapon to your game.

A Paddle Designed By Women, For Women

ProXR Pickleball’s new Diamond Series paddle received input from one of pickleball’s most dominant athletes, Beth Bellamy.

The design comes in a 14 millimeter Continental Slim and 16 Millimeter Eastern Slim version and features a fiberglass face for maximum power.

Achieve your best pickleball -- learn more here.

Performance Enhancing Drugs in Pro Pickle?

Pro pickleball twitter seems to be hinting that performance enhancing drugs are a problem in the sport.

The pro game is rapidly morphing into a big business, so it's unsurprising that players would leave no stone unturned when it comes to improving on-court performance. Are we dealing with the pickleball equivalent of corked bats and HGH?

It seems that each week there is a new hot topic. Last week it was paddle legality, this week it's performance enhancing drugs. In both cases, it's clear that players on the pro circuit believe that at least some percentage of players are leveraging 'unfair' means to gain advantages over their competitors.

The PPA, MLP and USA Pickleball recently joined forces to improve the testing processes across the board.

But what about PEDs? Is it worth implementing testing now? When MLB famously entered its 'steroid era', it wasn't until 2003 that they implemented official testing processes, despite allegations surfacing as early as 1991.

See how the community is reacting to the suspicions here.

Dude Perfect Buys-In at $5M

Internet influencers and podcasters Dude Perfect are buying into MLP’s Premier Level team, Frisco Clean Cause.

The announcement was made during a live podcast recording with MLP founder Steve Kuhn during Austin’s SXSW festival this week.

Kuhn later commented that the franchise was valued at $5 million in the deal, Sportico reports.

“It’s unclear how much of the team Dude Perfect is buying, or how it will be structured.”

Investment from internet entertainers seems like a very modern – and very “pickleball” – occurrence. The group of guys started making viral videos in 2008 and have grown their following to over 59 million subscribers on YouTube.

They’ve also funded a variety of other entertainment ventures, including merchandise, a touring performance, a cruise, and an upcoming $100 million theme park.

From one viral sensation to another, it seems these investors are a perfect match for the game.

Pickleball's Bad Boy

The bad boy of pickleball DJ Young joins the PicklePod to discuss his run-in with the 'law'. Young is the first player to be fined on the PPA Tour.

DJ breaks the news that he won't be allowed to use his paddle at the Austin Showdown.

The guys cover USA Pickleball revamping paddle testing, Nationals' new home, and Dude Perfect joining the list of MLP owners. Plus, the winner of the merch giveaway is announced.

Watch here or listen here.

Confidence on the Court

Looking for a 10-second pickleball tip? Keep scrolling.

BUT if you’re tired of not fully knowing what you need to do on the pickleball court and are ready for a game-changing new look at the game, then we have the solution for you. At no cost.

More knowledge = more confidence = your best pickleball. Learn more about this free miniseries here. The Pickleball System kicks off tomorrow, so be sure to reserve your spot ASAP!

Weekend Preview

The PPA Tour returns to Texas this week for the Austin Showdown. Lucy Kovalova, Matt Wright and Lindsey Newman are all back in action after some time away.

Last week's breakout start Collin Shick will attempt a repeat performance in men's singles. This time he can skip the qualifier draw and enter directly into the main event. He will face a loaded field that includes the PPA regulars with the addition of Hunter Johnson, Yates Johnson, and Gabriel Joseph.

Anna Leigh Waters will look to reclaim her title in women's singles. Will tomorrow be day 1 in a new unbeaten streak for the 16-year-old? Tune into the stream on PPA TV starting tomorrow at 10 am CT.

If your preference is the team game, check out Minor League Pickleball's Tampa Showdown. Teams will have their first opportunity to qualify for the National Championships this weekend in Tampa.

Teams will compete in skill-based divisions: DUPR 20, 18 and 16. The combined DUPR of the team's roster cannot exceed the division limit. See upcoming pros and amateurs compete side by side in the semifinals and finals on the MLP YouTube.

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