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I Needed More Energy on the Court and MTE Delivered

by Adam Forziati on

I think there's an understandable, healthy degree of skepticism to be had about this very new-age category of "better energy" products. But that's precisely why I was so pleasantly surprised by More Than Energy (MTE).

This isn't me being paid to talk about something...this is a true story.

So I started attending an early-morning indoor pickleball session this winter because I live in the Northeast and that means no outdoor play for much of the year.

"Early morning" in this case means 6:15. I know many of you recreational pickleball players start even earlier than that in some cases, but consider the location is 30 minutes away from me, and no matter who you are, getting up at 5 am doesn't always feel great.

Anyway, it did NOT feel great. I wasn't used to this new schedule and it showed on the court. Even if I chugged a coffee or an energy drink beforehand, I still felt my blood sugar and concentration were both too low to perform.

Part of this was because my body wasn't used to processing food that early, especially after I unceremoniously shoved some breakfast in my face on the drive over. Part of this issue was very simple: I was just tired.

None of it could be solved by caffeine alone.

One of the perks of my job here at The Dink is that I get to try different products – be they paddles, clothing, or health-related products like this. As open-minded as I am, I do tend to raise an eyebrow at products that boisterously tout words like "natural," "clean," etc.

But, again, my caffeine habit wasn't quite supporting me the way I needed it to, even as I started going to bed earlier to make up for the early wake time. So when I had the opportunity to try MTE's energy support shots, I took it.

I was shocked by how I felt after taking it.

Truly, I didn't think it was possible, but I noticed a huge difference in how I felt after starting to take MTE's energy shots.

It still sucked waking up earlier than I was used to, but I felt much more alert, less stressed, and, most importantly, I was able to pick up my energy level.

I'll let the experts explain adaptogens, nootropics, and how their product works. But what you need to know is that it only contains 50mg of caffeine (the average coffee cup will have 80-100mg), in addition to a whole host of other natural ingredients that do so much more than boost energy.

Much like a multi-vitamin, MTE is a daily supplement designed to help you feel at your best.

Ok, the only less-than-savory part of the experience was the taste. It wasn't bad, just a little bitter. But MTE definitely accounts for that:

"MTE doesn’t taste great." They literally say that on the website, which is a refreshing change of pace in contemporary marketing.

Still, the benefit for me was worth it. It's not a magic bullet – there is no such thing – but I'm happy to say that it did what I needed it to and then some.

Check out MTE here.

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