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MLP Teams Moving Players: Shuffle Draft Daytona Results

by The Dink Media Team on

The MLP's first Shuffle Draft of the year has begun.

If you missed our announcement blog about this and are unfamiliar, here is what you need to know:

  • The Shuffle Draft allows teams in the Challenger Level to adjust their roster by dropping one player.
  • With an updated list of eligible players, teams that chose to drop players enter the shuffle draft.
  • The draft order is determined by the results from the last event.
  • Last Thursday, March 2nd, was the final day for teams to drop players.
  • The pool of players eligible to be drafted includes those who were dropped and players outside of the league that have applied to be drafted.

The trade window for the current draft fully closes on March 10th.

Here's an up to date account of the team moves thus far. We'll update this as more information comes in:

  • Columbus Pickleball Club placed Becky Ryan on the waiver wire, picked Jill Braverman, and traded Jill for Megan Fudge, formerly of Dallas Pickleball Club.
  • Miami Pickleball Club placed Matt Manasse on the waiver wire, then selected Brendon Long.
  • Dallas Pickleball Club placed Chuck Taylor on the waiver wire, then chose Daniel De La Rosa.
  • AZ Drive placed Sarah Burr on the waiver wire, then picked up Heather Nobler.
  • D.C. Pickleball Team placed Monica Paolicelli on the waiver wire, then took Amanda Hendry.
  • Texas Ranchers placed Steve Deakin on the waiver wire, then selected Scott Doerner.
  • Brooklyn Aces placed Cierra Gaytan-Leach on the waiver wire, then chose Hurricane Tyra Black.

There will be no change in Premier Level teams for the first three events in 2023.

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