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MLP Enters Shuffle Draft Period for Daytona Beach

by The Dink Media Team on

In between MLP events, teams in the Challenger Level are able to adjust their roster by dropping one player. The twelve teams privately notify the league of their decision to drop any players prior to the shuffle draft.

With an updated list of eligible players, teams that chose to drop players enter the shuffle draft. The draft order is determined by the results from the last event.

The draft for Daytona Beach happens on Saturday of this week. Today (3/2) is the last day for teams to decide to drop players and open up a roster spot in the draft.

Pool of Players

The pool of players eligible to be drafted includes those who were dropped and players outside of the league that have applied to be drafted.

A couple of notable names that are expected to be drafted are Jill Braverman, Brendan Long and Daniel De La Rosa. Braverman has been in and out of the pro game over the past couple years.

She has talent more than worthy of the Challenger Level. Braverman will likely go to the first team drafting, the Columbus Pickleball Club.

Her entry into MLP comes with some controversy because she is talented enough to be drafted as one of the top players in the Challenger Level. Entering after the first event will be a big boost the whichever team manages to pick her up.

Brenden Long is coming off an APP mixed doubles championship. He and Bobbi Oshiro topped some Premier Level players on the way to the title. Long will be one of the top men off of the board on Saturday.

De La Rosa played in Major League Pickleball in '22. There's a strong possibility that he is drafted by any team looking to mix things up. De La Rosa is also the world's #1 ranked racquetball player.

Daytona Beach 3/23 - 3/26

The Daytona Beach event is right around the corner. Everyone will likely be in town for the PPA Florida Open next week. It's safe to expect that teams will be linking up in Daytona and getting some training time in on the courts.

Any team that mixes up its roster will have a limited window to build chemistry. The PPA event could be a crucial week in teams training for MLP #2 of the year.

Waiver Period Timeline

2/7:  Shuffle Draft Application Form is open for new players and players previously undrafted, to confirm intent to play at Daytona. Trade window opens.

2/28: Draft Application form closes. This is the deadline for players to apply.

3/1: MLP will publish the list of players to owners.

3/2: Owners must disclose to MLP confidentially, the player that each team wants to drop, if any.

3/3: MLP will publish to owners the list of all the players including new players and those placed on the waiver wire by all teams.

3/4: Teams with picks will text/email their waiver wire pickups to the Commissioner on a preset schedule based on the # of picks.

3/5: MLP will publish all waiver wire transactions and players drafted.

3/10:  The trade window closes and all rosters are now set.

We will let you know how the rosters change in the Monday issue of The Dink Newsletter.

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