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JW Johnson's Unusual Dinking Technique

by Adam Forziati on

The untrained eye might have missed it. JW Johnson changed his dink game earlier in the year, and his Florida Smash teammate Travis Rettenmaier noticed.

Now he wants to dink just like JW.

Most players bend their wrist back and hit a forehand dink like they would a tennis volley. JW elects to curl his hand in the other direction. We're talking flexion instead of extension for you PT's out there.

JW ain't holding the paddle like a stop sign. He's scooping dinks like a birthday cake remix at Cold Stone Creamery. His grip remains the same, but he alters his wrist position and swing path accordingly.

This change allows Johnson to hold the kitchen line when balls bounce near his feet. Instead of taking a step back to get behind the ball, he can stand his ground and scoop the ball back into play.

Whether you like it, love it, or gotta have it, this is a technique you should consider adding to your game. Watch Travis Rettenmaier demonstrate the pros and cons below:

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