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Collin Johns on Julian Arnold: 'Blowhard Bully'

by The Dink Media Team on

Chirps and trash talk are nothing new to pickleball. But it's not every day we see the drama extended off-court.

After some back and forth during a round robin pool play match, Collin Johns and Julian Arnold still have some beef to squash.

Here's what we saw:

  • It was Ben Johns/Collin Johns and Julian Arnold/AJ Koller, Johns' were 2-0 and Arnold/Koller were 1-1
  • Collin and Julian are often at odds – so their chirps, stare downs, and over-celebrations were no surprise
  • Game one ends in an Arnold/Koller victory; two overrules are made on each team; Julian tells Collin to pick up a ball for him
  • Johns' take the match, but when it comes time to paddle-tap, Collin refuses, and Julian flips the bird
  • In a post-match interview, Collin calls Julian "the biggest clown on tour"

Collin has more to say

Later on Insta, Collin had more to share on the situation.

He said in a subsequent Instagram story that the show "Julian and I are simply not cut from the same cloth," calling him a "blowhard bully" who exhibits a "consistent lack of respect for the opposition."

"Also, if you want to talk a big game, and strut around with complete arrogance, at least back it up with some on-court game."

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This is, in many respects, a new Collin Johns. Even though he handily won the match in question, it's one of the first times we've seen him make thorough commentary on in-game drama.

Unlike his brother Ben, known for his stoicism, it seems Collin is prepared to keep speaking out where he feels necessary:

"I will not tolerate being bullied...I refuse to take such abuse lying down," his story said.

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