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Jimmy Miller Joins the PicklePod to Talk Merger, His Voice in the Sport and More

by Jason Flamm on

If you’re a pickleball junkie, the latest episode of the PicklePod podcast is for you.

Thomas Shields and Zane Navratil sat down with one of the most polarizing figures in pickleball, Jimmy Miller. Jimmy is the cohost of the King of the Court (KOTC) podcast along with pickleball pro, Tyler Loong. He may have not set out to become a pickleball insider, but Jimmy has proven to be one of the most influential voices in pickleball – behind Zane, of course.

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Jimmy Just Loves Pickleball

Like so many of us, Jimmy Miller just loves pickleball. He’s been fortunate to get into the position he’s in, but if you ask Jimmy about his goals, he doesn’t really have any.

Inside Information About Player Buy-Outs

If you loved the "Tour Wars" drama as much as Zane, Thomas, and Jimmy did, you’ll definitely want to listen to their discussion about the professional scene. Get some of the inside scoop about it from three people more in the know than 99 percent of the pickleball world.

When is the MLP Draft?

As the GM of the BLQK Bears, Jimmy has information about when and where the MLP Draft might occur. 

Jimmy is Always in the Hotseat

The KOTC podcast started because of beef between Tyler and pro pickleball player Jilly B. Some pros want his thoughts, while others want him canceled. Jimmy talks about his haters.

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