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How to Find The Dink Minor League Tournaments Near You

by Jason Flamm on

The Dink Minor League gives pickleball players an option to play uniquely formatted, team-oriented events nationwide. These tournaments are much different from the ones that most of us are used to.

In regular tournaments, you often choose whether to play singles, gender doubles, and/or mixed doubles – and usually, each one occurs on different days. 

The Dink Minor League events offer each of those formats in every match, typically all in one day.

Five Reasons to Play in The Dink Minor League
Looking to enhance your tournament-playing experience? We highlight five reasons why you should play in The Dink Minor League this summer.

Also, while regular tournaments are fun, they don’t likely lead to something bigger, like an end-of-the-season National Championship.

The Dink Minor League events do.

Let’s discuss what to expect with The Dink Minor League and where to find them near you.

What to know about The Dink Minor League events 

The Dink Minor League events are unique because you build a team of four players (two guys, two girls) to compete in every match. Each match is a series of up to five games, including: 

  • Both gender doubles
  • Two mixed doubles games
  • And a possible singles tiebreaker (called a Dreambreaker)

The first team to win three games (including the Dreambreaker if necessary) wins the match and continues in the event. At The Dink Minor League events, each player is guaranteed a minimum of two matches, with each match providing up to three games.

Very few tournaments guarantee that many games.

Players and teams can earn gold, silver, or bronze medals in their respective divisions.

Also, each event in which a player competes will earn them points toward the National Leaderboard

At the end of the season, the top players on the National Leaderboard will earn a coveted spot in the National Championship in December.

Stay tuned for more information on earning points and updates on the National Leaderboard.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Dink Minor League
Looking for more information about The Dink Minor League? Want to learn more about how to host a local event? We’ve got all of your resources.

How to Find The Dink Minor League tournaments near you

Nationwide, 150 The Dink Minor League events are currently scheduled, with a target of reaching over 200 by the end of the 2024 season. Most are run by individual The Dink Minor League organizers.

However, that number also includes seven Regional Showdowns, which allow players to earn a Dream Ticket to Nationals.

The Dink Minor Leagues Announces Dates, Times and Locations For Regional Showdowns
The Dink Minor Leagues has announced seven thrilling Regional Showdowns for 2024, with the first-place team in each division taking home a “Dream Ticket,” automatically qualifying them for the 2024 National Championship.

You can also talk to your local club owner to find out if they have any plans for hosting or contact us if you're interested in hosting an event in your area.


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Jason Flamm

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