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Frequently Asked Questions About The Dink Minor League Pickleball

by Jason Flamm on

Minor League Pickleball (MiLP) is now The Dink Minor League Pickleball.

We recently announced our partnership with DUPR, which is designed to extend the reach of MiLP to create more events and opportunities for amateur players in the United States and worldwide.

And that's precisely what we plan to do.

First, we wanted to address some frequently asked questions and ensure you know exactly what it takes to play your part in an upcoming The Dink Minor League local or regional tournament.

What is The Dink Minor League?

The Dink Minor League is an innovative team competition where teams of four players (two women and two men) compete against each other in a novel and engaging format, with twists on traditional matchups and scoring for games, matches, and tiebreakers.

Who can play in The Dink Minor League?

Anyone with a DUPR account. The Dink Minor League accepts all ages.

How do I find my DUPR rating?

Log in to your DUPR Dashboard or register for your DUPR account.

What if I have multiple DUPR accounts?

Players with multiple DUPR accounts need to have their accounts merged. Please contact support to start this process.

How many tournaments are there?

While there is no set limit for local tournaments, seven regional events are planned throughout 2024, and one championship event is planned for December.

Check the website for information about upcoming tournaments near you.

What's the difference between local and regional tournaments?

Individuals and clubs sponsor local tournaments. In these events, players compete for points on the National Leaderboard. The top players from each division receive an invitation to the 2024 National Championship.

Regional Showdowns are larger events, with up to 16 teams per division, played throughout the year. Each gold medalist at a regional event will receive a Dream Ticket to Nationals.

See the Events Calendar and Register for an upcoming tournament.

What is MLPlay™ format?

MLPlay™ is an innovative gameplay format that brings men and women together on a level playing court. In the MLPlay™ format, team matches are composed of four 21-point games: the first is women’s doubles, followed by men’s doubles, and the final two games are mixed doubles.

This unique dynamic means that teamwork as a skill is just as critical as speed or technique on the court and a big part of the community aspect of the sport.

Where can I find a full list of rules?

Complete rules can be found at

What are DUPR Divisions?

The Dink Minor Leagues use DUPR scores to dictate what division players belong in. There are five divisions: DUPR 20, 18, 16, 14, and 12. To figure out which division you and your team belong in, add up your collective DUPR scores and compare the total to the max aggregate parameters below:

  • DUPR 20 (The team’s aggregate DUPR must not exceed 20.99)
  • DUPR 18 (max aggregate 18.30)
  • DUPR 16 (max aggregate 16.30)
  • DUPR 14* (max aggregate 14.30)
  • DUPR 12** (max aggregate 12.30)

*Maximum individual player DUPR cannot exceed 4.10 to play in DUPR 14
**Maximum individual player DUPR cannot exceed 3.60 to play in DUPR 12

For example, in a DUPR 20 Division, you could have four players rated 5.00 (5+5+5+5=20) or players rated 6.00,4.50,4.50,5.00 (=20), or any combination thereof that is < 20.30. The same logic applies to DUPR 18, 16, 14 Divisions.

*DUPR 12 and 22 are available in specific markets and special events. If DUPR 22 is available, the DUPR 20 max aggregate is 20.30, and DUPR 22 is 22.99) 

Once a team registers for The Dink Minor Leagues pickleball event, their ratings are "locked," and their DUPR, whether increasing or decreasing, will not impact the team’s aggregate or division placement.

To sign up for The Dink Minor League event, a DUPR account is required at the time of registration.

Register for a DUPR account here.

Who can play at the National Championship?

To play at the National Championship, players must have played in at least ONE The Dink Minor League event during the 2024 season.

What do you get for winning the National Championship?

The National Championship has a prize purse of $50,000. Payouts are to be determined. Teams in all divisions, who win first, second, or third place at the National Championship will receive prize money.

Stay tuned for more information. Subject to change.

What is the National Leaderboard?

Each month, around the 15th, the National Leaderboard will be updated to show the most recent results from local and regional events. You can qualify for points by playing in Regional Showdowns and official The Dink Minor League events.

Find a list of events at

How do I create a team for Nationals?

The top players in the National Leaderboard will receive an email with instructions.

How do I register for an upcoming The Dink Minor Leagues tournament?

The Events Calendar is the most up-to-date source of all upcoming The Dink Minor League tournaments and events. You can also talk to clubs in your area about hosting a local tournament.

See the Events Calendar and Register for an upcoming tournament

What is the 2024 qualifying season?

Local events run from November 25, 2023, through October 14, 2024. Regional Showdowns happen from July 20, 2024, through November 10, 2024.

How can I host a local event?

Please contact us if you're interested in hosting a local The Dink Minor League tournament or event.

What if I have other questions?

Please visit the official The Dink Minor League website or contact us directly. We'd be happy to help.


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Jason Flamm

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