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From the Playground to the Pickleball Courts, High Schoolers Are Coming

by Jason Flamm on

Are you ready to compete for court time with Gen Z?

Well, you might have to because USA Today reports that multiple high schools have introduced pickleball as a new student sports option in Maryland.

Mount Saint Joseph High School in Baltimore and Calvert Hall College High School in Towson, Maryland, recently engaged in one of the inaugural head-to-head, competitive pickleball showdowns between high schools.

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Mount Saint Joseph emerged victorious in their debut match and are now gearing up to take on River Hill, a prominent high school in Clarksville, Maryland.

"We want to work towards that multi-athlete. Kids that are playing baseball, lacrosse and tennis, to give them something to do in the winter. This is the sport," Mount Saint Joseph coach Michael Stromberg said in the USA Today report.

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Earlier this month, we reported on the APP Tour kicking off the year with the first-ever U.S. Collegiate Championships, where 26 teams competed.

According to USA Pickleball, about 79 colleges have club pickleball squads, many competing against other universities.

With the next generation of college and high school kids growing up playing pickleball, it won't be long until the average player's age drops significantly (which, according to an APP study, stands at 34.8 years old).

The future of pickleball looks bright – unless you're afraid of getting schooled by teenagers, of course.

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Jason Flamm