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Stay Charged While You're at the Pickleball Courts

by The Dink Media Team on

It has been a long, hard day at the courts. The tournament that was supposed to last three hours ended up taking six. Now not only are your batteries drained, but your phone is on 1% and there isn't an outlet in sight.

ECM Media has the solution: charging stations that can be deployed throughout a tournament venue. Their stations were recently used at the Pickleball for the Cure event at the Tennis and Pickleball Club of Newport Beach.

Digital Alerts

More and more tournaments have moved toward digital communication to run events. Players are notified by text message or email for court assignments or time changes. Results are posted online and players can track their progress throughout an event. But if their phones run out of battery, they could be left in the dark.

The digital tournament experience is a successful innovation in the game. Tournament directors do not want to go back to when players crowded around the scorer's table, constantly asking when their next match would be.

In order for this to work, phones need to be charged. ECM Media solves this problem with their sleek and functional charging stations.

Outlets should be gathering spots where 20 devices can be charged at a time, no hoarding necessary. ECM's station can even be set up near the courts so spectators can keep an eye on the action while charging their device. An added bonus is that the charging stations can be customized to recognize the sponsors of the event.

Device Dependence

Using a phone or camera has become an integral part of the pickleball experience. Players are filming their matches to see how they can improve. They are posting pictures with all of their pickleball friends on social media. And maybe most importantly, they are cramming in one more YouTube pickleball lesson before they hit the courts.

There is no escaping the need for players to be able to charge devices while on site. To provide players with the best overall experience, you have to consider what they will be using most during the day.

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Tournament directors looking to improve player experience and create brand visibility for sponsors should consider adding charging stations to their next event.

ECM Media has deployed charging stations at hospitals, universities, conference centers, malls and professional sports arenas across the nation. Chances are you have seen them and probably even used them to get a little more juice for your device.

To find out more about how to add charging stations to your tournament or venue, visit ECM Media.

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