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Players Explain Their Awkward Pickleball Stories

by Adam Forziati on

In a recent issue of our newsletter (to which you should totally subscribe!), we asked our audience to submit their stories about awkward pickleball situations.

Since we’ve asked you to spill your most uncomfortable on-court scenarios, I suppose it is time I share one of mine.

One time, a person I used to play pickleball with tried to set me up with her daughter. I was happily spoken for and uninterested, and explained that to her. But then, she tried to convince me to be her daughter’s friend.

This was already uncomfortable enough for a somewhat awkward person like myself. But then, I see a young lady pacing around the outside of the court…and she looked like the mom I was playing with…

Don’t worry, I wasn’t abducted. Just a little nervous I was about to be caught in a Misery situation.

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Here are a few awkward pickleball stories from our audience

We hope Paul B. was let off with just a warning:

Called the score as 9-1-1 and my Apple Watch called the cops! Heard them talking and couldn’t figure it out and then had to convince them that I was fine.

Darrol S. is like a teen on prom night:

Asking someone to play a mixed tournament for the first time is a lot like dating. Nervous anticipation...sweaty palms, the whole nine yards. My longtime partner has been referred to as my "pickleball wife" on many occasions, and [we] have been assumed to be married in real life, due to the time spent on the courts.

PB Brad is unrecognizable:

Was at a restaurant with my wife recently when I recognized a woman who plays pickleball with us. I said "Hello" and she looked at me blankly. I said "It's Brad from pickleball." Her reply - "Oh, I didn't recognize you with clothes on."

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