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APP to Debut Multi-State Midwest High School Pickleball Tournament

by Adam Forziati on

The APP Tour was busy expanding its scope this year, and a new result of its rebirth has been announced: the inaugural Midwest High School Pickleball Tournament.

The event will take place December 28-29, 2023, at Grand Park Event Center in Westfield, Indiana.

High school pickleball teams from Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio and Wisconsin are invited to participate in the event.

An APP press release says John Moorin, creative director and a senior professional pickleball player, saw a growing demand from high school pickleball players to play against each other in a competitive setting and helped develop this tournament as a result.

“I think about all the incredible memories I had playing high school sports and believe this tournament will create lasting memories for the next generation as pickleball continues to grow in popularity.” – John Moorin

Tournament Director Kelly-Marie Bohnert said the event is the first of its kind in the region, allowing students from multiple states to compete in a pickleball tournament.

Other tournament details:

  • Teams playing in the tournament must include two male and two female participants
  • Games will be hosted on a professional, Association of Pickleball Players (APP) approved playing surface
  • Referees will be on-site to provide guidance and resolve any disputes

This event is a part of the Holiday Pickleball Festival, a month-long collection of pickleball tournaments at Grand Park Event Center.

The festival paves the way for the APP U.S. Collegiate Championships and Midwest Open, which is scheduled for January 3-7, 2024, at Grand Park, and will be nationally televised.

For more information on the Midwest High School Pickleball Tournament, click here.

Adam Forziati

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