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American Idol Judges Play Pickleball in New Promo

by Jason Flamm on

We all know Katy Perry is a massive pickleball fan.

Well, now we know she can beat up on her fellow American Idol judges, too. In a recent promo for the show on ABC, Katy and her mom challenge fellow Luke Bryan and Lionel Ritchie to a game of pickleball.

The players use paddles with the two male judges’ faces on them, and after a few points in what was perhaps the line of the video, Katy says, "My mom is 75, and she is smacking your butts."

Katy Perry’s Firework Foundation is Helping to Give Away an Entire Pickleball Facility to One Lucky City
Katy Perry has teamed up with two pickleball companies to give away a pickleball facility to the US city that wants it the most.

While we can’t speak to losing to Katy’s mom, we can all relate to getting schooled by 75-year-olds at some point in our pickleball lives.

Which pro in The Dink's recent player survey said that their hype song was performed by Katy Perry?

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