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A 'Control' Paddle for All Play Styles: Volair Mach 1

by Thomas Shields on

We have a new pickleball paddle review for you, and it's a fun one. Today's feature: Volair's first paddle release, the Julian Arnold Signature Paddle: Mach 1.

Volair allowed me to take this new paddle for a spin. So without further delay, ANDIAMO!

Volair’s Mach 1 is a high-quality paddle that offers a balance between both spin & control.

You can purchase the paddle by itself for $159.99 or pop off with the Signature Gift Box + Paddle bundle for $179.99.

Comparing this to similar paddles on the market (see video below), the Mach 1 comes in at a fantastic price point for new paddle seekers.

Core features

  • Choice of 14mm (7.5oz) or 16mm (7.9oz) thickness options
  • Raw T700 Carbon Fiber paddle face
  • Polypropylene Honeycomb Core
  • 16.5 inches in length, 7.5 inches in width
  • 5.5 inch handle
Some of the main features of the new Volair paddle, the Julian Arnold signature Mach 1

The face of the paddle is made of your common T700 carbon fiber, which enhances the paddle's ability to grip the ball, allowing for better control and precision.

This textured surface also adds spin to your shots, allowing you to vary your approach and keep your opponents guessing.

What makes the Volair Mach 1 different

There are no shortage of pickleball paddles on the market with a grippy, carbon fiber paddle face. So what makes the Mach 1 stand out?

It's wide paddle face and elongated design allows for a MUCH larger sweet spot.

When I picked up this paddle for my first play test, there was zero learning curve. I was able to hit my third shot drops and dinks with higher consistency.

The paddle feels very soft, with a high dwell time, unlike some of the thermoformed paddles you see on the market, or hard surfaced “power” paddles like the Black Ace from ProKennex or the Selkirk Power Air.

While the Mach 1 may not have a springy "pop," it is still one of the most consistent and easy to use paddles I have used.

Once you boil everything down, you are left with a control paddle: a large sweet spot, with a highly responsive feel when making contact with the ball.

Conclusions and video

Overall, the Volair Mach 1 by Julian Arnold is a top-quality paddle that offers excellent performance and durability.

Its unique combination of spin, control, and ease of use makes it a great choice for players who are serious about improving their game and eliminating errors.

With its clean look and comfortable feel, the Volair Mach 1 is a paddle that is sure to impress on the pickleball court."

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Watch my video review of the Julian Arnold Signature Paddle: Mach 1:

About the reviewer

My name is Brodie Smith, a 4.5 level pickleball player, grinding my way towards 5.0.

Two weeks back I was received a gold medal at APP Mesa, along with a Golden Ticket to Nationals in Dallas this November.

I come from the Greater Seattle area (AKA the birthplace of pickleball), and have been playing since 2007 since the game was introduced to me in middle school gym class.

Throughout my years of playing, I have curiously tested every type of paddle you could imagine. My goal is to provide unbiased reviews to help ensure you find the paddle that best fits your game.

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