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A Championship Brew

by The Dink Media Team on

A pickleball obsession will have players hitting the courts at all hours of the day. The morning crowd tries to sneak a couple games in before work. The night owls end their days fighting for every last point.

Now you can fuel your pickleball passion with a coffee that is just as obsessed with the game as you are.  Pickleball Coffee Company offers three different blends so you can find the taste that hits your sweet spot.

Air Roasted

Pickleball Coffee Co. are experts in the coffee game. They kicked the traditional drum roasting technique to the curb and implemented air roasting for all of their blends.

Air roasting "produces smooth, clean, better tasting coffee...especially in our Dark Roasts." The process utilizes a fluidized bed of hot air to roast the beans. This produces a more evenly roasted be without any of the burnt taste.

Order by the bag in a medium roast, dark roast or espresso roast (their darkest roast).

PBBC even lets you decide how you want the beans to arrive. Choose from 4 grind levels.

  • Fine - Espresso
  • Coarse - French Press
  • Medium - Drip/Pour Over
  • Whole Bean

You'll be blown away smooth taste and rich aroma. I switched over to the medium roast blend at home and there is no looking back.

My family thinks I am some sort of coffee-savant whipping up specialty drinks in the morning. It is an easy upgrade for me and now we're saving a ton of money making coffee at home instead of hitting the drive-through on the way to the courts.

Order a bag for yourself or give it as a gift to the pickleball and coffee lover in your life. I'm sure we all know a few of them.

Try your favorite roast today and save even more when you subscribe. Order now at

The Dink Media Team

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