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2024 USAP Nationals Moves to Mesa, Arizona

by Adam Forziati on

Last year, USA Pickleball's Nationals event made the leap from the Indian Wells Tennis Garden in Palm Springs to the Brookhaven Country Club in Dallas, TX. Records were set in both attendance and viewership in Texas but Nationals will have a new home again in 2024.

USA Pickleball announced today that the 2024 Biofreeze USA Pickleball National Championships will be held at the Arizona Athletic Grounds in Mesa, AZ. The weeklong event will be held November 10-17. Players can qualify at any of the 11 Golden Ticket tournaments being held across the United States.

"The 2024 Biofreeze USA Pickleball National Championships in Mesa, Arizona, is not just a major sports event, but a catalyst for economic growth.

"With USA Pickleball at the helm, the event promises substantial economic benefits for local businesses, from hotels to restaurants." - Nikki Balich, Executive Director of the Arizona Sports & Entertainment Commission

Arizona Athletic Grounds boasts 41 pickleball courts and a 2,000 seat pickleball stadium. Arizona is one of the nation's largest pickleball hubs. Last year, USAP announced a new headquarters in Scottsdale is on the way. So it makes perfect sense to make AZ the home of nationals.

We only hope that last year's three-story viewing tower and drone show are topped with more extravagant pickleball pageantry this year.

More details on ticketing and more are available here.

Adam Forziati

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