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Why does tennis pro Reilly Opelka hate pickleball so much?

by Jason Flamm on

If you grew up playing or watching sports, you've likely witnessed a tantrum or two – maybe you've even had one yourself.

Hey, it's sports. We've got our competitive juices flowing – we get it.

But, when that tantrum involves a tennis pro suggesting a line judge should be 'demoted to pickleball,' we take notice.

The semifinal match over the weekend between Andrey Rublev and Alexander Bublik in Dubai was cut short following a disputed line call. Rublev let loose on the linesman that called his forehand out. After a translator was brought in to clarify what was said, officials made the call to disqualify Rublev for his language during the outburst.

It was a decision that was met with pushback from pros and prompted American Reilly Opelka’s latest shot at pickle on social media. In response to an Instagram post about the disqualification, Opelka said: “Bush league. Linesman should get demoted to pickleball ASAP.”

Well, the joke's on him. Players call their own lines in pickleball (unless you're Solome Devidze). 

Opelka has also taken these shots at pickleball in the past on social media.

"I love watching bingo on the tennis channel"
"Pickleball is the new bingo"

You mad bro?

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