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Want to Increase the Value of Your Home? Consider Putting in a Pickleball Court

by Jason Flamm on

His and her sinks, open floor plans, and pools used to be the hottest trends in real estate.

Not anymore.

These days, if you want to sell your house, build a pickleball court.

That's right. A recent spike in keyword search data from Zillow shows pickleball courts are the hot new commodity people want in a new place to live, at least in Seattle.

Nationally, mentions of pickleball have soared by 64 percent, while in bustling urban centers like New York City, the presence of public or private pickleball courts has become a prominent selling point, with a remarkable 100 percent uptick in related listings on Zillow brand StreetEasy.

Real estate agents are witnessing a trend where homeowners are reconfiguring their spaces to accommodate pickleball courts, even converting driveways or repurposing existing sports facilities on ultra-luxury properties.

Tom Brady Adds a Pickleball Court to His New Miami Mega-Mansion
Tom Brady is putting the finishing touches on a mansion in Miami, complete with a pickleball court.

Even pro athletes like Travis Kelce and Tom Brady are adding pickleball courts to their properties.

In tandem with the pickleball craze, another trend gaining traction in the real estate sphere is the rising popularity of cold plunge pools.

Probably to help pickleballers recover quicker, so they can, of course, play more pickleball.

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