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Vulcan V550 Hybrid Paddle Review

by The Dink Media Team on

Weight: 7.9oz
Handle Length: 4-1/4”
Qualitative: elongated face and handle. Sweet spot positioned more in the middle, but higher up the face.

It’s no secret that I’m a Vulcan guy. The V540 is my weapon of choice, which honestly plays pretty similar, but with a few key differences…

First, the length of this paddle makes you more of a threat at the net. More reach allows you to pick off those slightly-too-high dinks, which you’d normally tell yourself to wait on (but sometimes go for, causing your partner to look at you with that ‘why the f would you do that’ face).

Second, a narrower and longer shape and thus, a more centralized sweet spot that’s positioned just above the mid-point of the face. Why is that helpful? It challenges you to focus on where the ball makes contact with the paddle. Like Mel Gibson would say, “aim small, miss small” (The Patriot, a cinematic masterpiece). I noticed myself hitting everything right in the sweet spot – there’s no room to be lazy with your strokes, and that makes a difference.

Beyond that, it has all the aspects that drew me to the V540: tons of pop, adequate power, and the best touch of any paddle I’ve played with (and I’ve played with a lot of them).

The Vulcan V550 Hybrid is available in black and white at the dink pickleball store.

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