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Pickleball Forehand Roll Tips to Carry Over from Tennis

by The Dink Media Team on

Tennis is a gateway drug…to pickleball. All the skills players learn on the big court come in handy when they reach the big leagues of pickleball (don't believe us? Just look at the PPA Tour's 2024 roster).

One of the highest ranking converts is former #29 WTA-ranked player, and current pickleball pro, Tina Pisnik.

One of Pisnik's lessons caught our eye as a potential crossover to pickleball:

This tennis forehand drill looks awfully similar to an pickleball NVZ forehand roll.

  • A long backswing is a bad habit that is often carried over from tennis. The drill is crucial for pickleball because it stresses a short backswing.

Some pro pickleball players recommend that your paddle and elbow stay out in front when at the kitchen. Using the net like this helps enforce that boundary and prevents a big wind-up.

  • It also helps players generate power and topspin with two feet planted, like you would at the NVZ.

On a baseline groundstroke, you would step into your shot and create power with your legs. On roll volleys, that’s not possible. There is nowhere to step.

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It’s a little awkward, but will help build muscle memory for your forehand roll. Sacrifice looking silly in practice to earn more dubs on the court.

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