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Sunglasses that can Raise Your Game

by The Dink Media Team on

If you've played pickleball long enough, you've definitely heard of someone being hit in the eye with a ball or maybe you've even seen it happen. The combination of proximity and speed make pickleballs a danger to cause real damage when players are hit in the face. Luckily, there is an easy way to protect yourself and improve your game while doing it.

Protective eyewear offers the benefit of improved ball visibility, coverage from the sun, and best of all, prevents an errant speed up from causing any permanent eye damage.

The world's top women's player, Anna Leigh Waters wears protective eyewear in every match. She plays an aggressive game, constantly pushing the pace of play. With the ball moving at high speeds in her matches, it's an easy choice to add protective eyewear to the wardrobe.

Sunglasses Can Provide Better Visibility on Court

Protective eyewear can come in the form of clear or tinted glasses. Rose and brown colored lenses contrast the light green and yellow pickleball providing better ball visibility. This allows you to track the ball with more ease. At the kitchen line, reaction time is everything, lenses in these colors make it easier to see the ball and react faster.

Here are a couple of rose and brown lens glasses that can help with ball visibility and add some style to your game.

Look Good, Feel Good  |  Feel Good, Play Good

If red and brown lenses aren't your style, there are plenty of other options to keep your eyes safe and provide coverage from the sun. With 40 different brands available from SportRx there is an option for every player.

Lenses are available in non-prescription or prescription options. The prescriptive sunglasses are a game-changer on the court. A comfortable fit and protection from the sun allowing me to stay on the court all day long.

Play With Confidence

The biggest benefit I've seen since adding eyewear on the court is confidence. I play more confidently knowing my glasses look good and my eyes are safe. I feel invincible standing at the kitchen line defending shots from my opponents knowing that my eyes are protected.

There is always a hesitation to shy away when your opponents wind up for a smash. With sunglasses protecting your eyes it is easier to hold your ground and get the ball back over the net again and again.

Use code DINK15 to get 15% prescription eyewear from SportRx.

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