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USA Pickleball Launches New Charity: Pickleball Serves

by Jason Flamm on

It's nice to see USA Pickleball continue using its platform for good.

On March 28th, USA Pickleball announced its launch of "USA Pickleball Serves" as its new charitable arm.

What is Pickleball Serves?

Mike Nealy, CEO of USA Pickleball, expressed enthusiasm about the launch, stating, "It is our pleasure to launch the charitable branch of USA Pickleball – USA Pickleball Serves. This is an opportunity to serve communities around the country on and off the court."

Nealy emphasized that USA Pickleball Serves provides a platform for the pickleball community to unite and drive change by promoting, teaching, and expanding the sport.

Coinciding with the launch of National Pickleball Month in April, USA Pickleball is set to organize a beginner's pickleball clinic at the Arizona Athletic Grounds for more than 120 local students.

Scheduled for April 2nd, just a day before the USA Pickleball Golden Ticket Tournament in Mesa, the clinic will also feature a series of exhibition matches showcasing professional players.

USA Pickleball continues its mission

Brenda Puga, Director of Community Relations at USA Pickleball, highlighted the inclusive nature of the initiative, stating, "Through USA Pickleball Serves, there are countless opportunities to be a game that gives back."

This initiative further confirms USA Pickleball's mission of serving communities and making a positive impact through pickleball.

If this sounds like an initiative you want to learn more about, check out their site.


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