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Turn Your Serve Into a Weapon

by The Dink Media Team on

When it comes to aggressive serves no one knows the game better than Shea Underwood. Shea helped push the limits of the spin serve before it was banned last year. 

A brief history:

  • Zane Navratil’s chainsaw serve changed the game before being banned in 2022
  • Shea helped players learn the one-handed flick serve before that was taken away 2023
The Death of the Spin Serve?
The infamous chainsaw serve was reduced to a one handed spin serve in 2022. Now, it appears USA Pickleball is finishing the job and ending the spin serve completely. Rule 524 [] titled “Eliminating the spin serve” passed the USA Pickleball Rules Committee vote this

Since that cheat code has gone away, he is helping players weaponize their serve in a different way.

It all comes down to mechanics. Shea suggests:

  • Players load their weight onto their back foot and explode into a weight transfer during the serve
  • The serve is one time where a large backswing is permittable and actually helps generate more power
  • Limit wrist movement, align your paddle face before the toss and push through the ball

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At the end of the day placement is the priority. Make sure your serve lands deep in the court and preferably target your opponent’s backhand. 

Work your way up to adding more power and spin without sacrificing placement.

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