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Tuesday Night Pickleball Returns to The Orchard

by The Dink Media Team on

The Arizona Pickleball League changed the game last season. They took the team-based format to new heights and quickly became the hottest ticket in Arizona Pickleball.

Season 2 of the Arizona Pickleball League launches with a rematch of last season’s Orchard Championship Cup – the Peoria Pythons seek to avenge their loss to the Season 1 champs, the Scottsdale Scorchers!

We at The Dink are excited to partner with the Arizona Pickleball League to present Season 2. Tickets to week 1 have already sold out but pickleball fans from across the country can tune into the action all season long on The Dink Youtube channel.

Tuesdays just got a whole lot more interesting. Tune into tonight's event at 9pm ET / 6pm PT.

What is the Arizona Pickleball League?

The Arizona Pickleball League features Pro Pickleballers battling it out in a team-style format.  The League consists of 5 teams.  Each team plays every other team once during the 10 week regular season.  Four teams move on to the play-offs; one team stays home.  The victor of Season 2 will hoist The Orchard Championship on Tue Dec 19.  Discover more – including team rosters – at

Players from the league including Pesa Teoni have gone on to win titles in the pro game and secure contracts with MLP and the PPA Tour.

What is The Orchard @ Jigsaw Health?

Building on the success of Jigsaw Pickleball Cocktail®, Team Jigsaw designed and built a “boutique” indoor Pickleball stadium in Scottsdale, AZ – The Orchard @ Jigsaw Health – and launched a new series: Tuesday Night Pickleball™ – made-for-TV Pro Pickleball matches.  The venue can squeeze 150 rowdy Pickleball fans, and everyone is close to the action.  Discover more at

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