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Time to Become a More Physically Fit Pickleballer

by Jason Flamm on

They say, “If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere.”

Well, pickleball is making headlines for the New York Times again, and no, it’s not about noise complaints (this time). It’s an article titled “The Ultimate Workout for Pickleball Lovers.”

In it, the Times discusses how pickleball is the nation’s fastest-growing sport for the third year in a row and how it does wonders for cardiovascular health.

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However, the article goes on to say that pickleball alone might not be enough (gasp!) because it won’t necessarily build muscle, and the constant starting, stopping, and waiting for your turn (build more courts already!) might not
give you as much of a workout as you need.

The heart of the article lies in the pickleball workout it provides, offering sound advice on lower, upper, and core body work. And, while playing pickleball is certainly what we all want to do more of, it’s hard to argue against getting your body in the best shape possible so that you can play longer, harder, and for
the rest of your life.

So thank you, New York Times. We appreciate you taking care of us pickleballers.

Jason Flamm

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