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The New Ball in Town - Vega 40 Review

by The Dink Media Team on

Let's face it. Pickleballs are expensive. They're one of the only things that prevent pickleball from being the world's best free hobby.

What's worse yet is that pickleballs don't last. They crack. They go out of round. And somehow they always disappear at the end of rec play.

Today we are reviewing the new Vega 40 outdoor ball from Neoslick.

Vega 40 Outdoor Pickleball from Neoslick

The Vega 40 comes in the high-visibility neon green color. They are built using the single-piece rotational molding technique.

The 40 holes are machine-drilled into the ball for consistent performance from every ball. At first glance, the pickleballs are firm and slick. They have a noticeable sheen and relatively no give.

The bright green color can be seen from a mile away and almost appear to glow in the dark.

The Vega 40 has been tested and approved by USA Pickleball. It has been the official ball in tournaments not only in the USA but also on an international scale, including India and Thailand.

On the Courts

The real test starts when the balls hit the court. Fresh out of the box, or more accurately, the bag, the Vega 40 seems stiff. Like any pickleball, they need to get broken in a little. An outdoor ball needs to get scuffed up a little, to reflect its true form.

During the first game, the ball feels hard and heavy. It plays fast. Given that the temperature is in the mid 50's that is to be expected.

As the surface gets scuffed up the ball feels easier to manipulate. It catches on the paddle surface more consistently and produces better spin.

Even after a couple of games and being fully broken in, the ball is still fast. And best of all, no cracks. Even at 50 degrees, there was no need to change out the ball or dig deeper into my bag. This thing is durable.

A minor consideration is that the ball may occasionally deviate from its round shape after prolonged play. If that happens, the ball can have some unpredictable bounces in the first couple of games.

That could result in a ball that doesn't bounce as high as expected on a serve. You also might see the opposite where the ball kicks up higher. The bounces aren't common but can happen if the ball is out of round.

Testing the Vega 40 on court

Where It Ranks

This ball is not a Dura. But that's not a bad thing. The Vega 40 is fast and durable. After the ball is broken in, it would blend in at any level.

The best part is that the ball is less expensive. It is about 25% less expensive than most balls on the market.

The standard on most pickleball courts in the past has been that only Franklin's and Dura's would be accepted. That tide is changing, and balls like Vega 40 are a reason why.

You can find a 12-pack or 6-pack of Vega 40 outdoor balls at or on Amazon.

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