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The Heel Lock is the Secret to Getting the Most Out of Your Shoes

by JB Jones on

This little known shoe hack can save your feet. It’s called the ‘heel lock’ and it changes the way your shoe moves with your foot.

This quick video explanation shows how to change your laces to set up the heel lock.

The technique involves creating a loop using the last two eyelets of your shoe. Instead of alternating sides with the lace. You create the loop on either side then cross the lace over and feed it through the loop instead of an eyelet. After that, knot them up with bunny ears or the loop, swoop and pull (shout out Big Daddy).

The heel lock has some major benefits and could be the answer to some of your shoe concerns.

  • Prevents heel from slipping up and down in the shoe when moving
  • Stops the foot from sliding forward and cramming toes in the front of the shoe
  • Locks the laces in place so shoes don’t loosen while playing
  • Creates more stable contact between the foot and shoe providing better stability and support

It’s okay to be skeptical, I was too. But the heel lock has made a difference in how my feet feel after matches and from now on I will be using the heel lock on all my pickleball shoes. The best part? It’s free 99. Give it a try. Now can somebody get this kid a Happy Meal?!

JB Jones

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