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The Dink's Top 10 Men's and Women's Doubles Pickleball Power Rankings

by Erik Tice on

We're following up on our initial Top 20 Men's Singles Power Rankings and Top 20 Women's Singles Power Rankings with a look at the gender doubles team power rankings.

NoteWhile some partnerships stay static throughout the year, there are players who change partnerships regularly. While some of the teams in these power rankings are not always partners at every event, they have partnered enough to make it on our top 10 list (for now).

This is a subjective view of the field. I am taking into account a variety of factors, including stats, recent form and the competitive landscape. Here are some factors used to determine the rankings:

  • Recent finishes
  • PPA Points - both total points (52 weeks) and the race points (just points in 2024)
  • PPA seedings
  • Head-to-head competitions

Here are the top 10 women's doubles teams power rankings:

Women's Doubles

10. Andrea Koop/Tina Pisnik - Koop still has a full time job as an attorney and doesn't play full time. Pisnik is a defensive machine and is still getting better. Pisnik rotates partners regularly, but still has an average finish of 8.4 in the last eight months. I'd like to see this team together more often.

9. Lauren Stratman/Allyce Jones - This pairing played together at The Masters and Desert Ridge and finished 6th and 7th, respectively. Lauren brings some big-time firepower and Allyce is one of the best defensive-minded players in the game. This team could definitely do some damage moving forward.

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8. Hurricane Tyra Black/Parris Todd - We saw this team pair up for the first time at PPA Mesa and get a 12th-place finish. They are not a regular team, but the potential these two have is why they are in these rankings. Tyra brings elite athleticism and crafty shot making to the table, while Parris was one of the best APP women last year.

7. Lacy Schneemann/Vivienne David - Lacy and Viv have partnered up a couple of times and have had success. They finished fourth at Nationals at the end of last year and finished in fifth place at PPA Desert Ridge. I would like to see this team pair up more often. Schneemann's offense on the left partnered with David's consistency could be a recipe for success.

6. Maggie Brascia/Mary Brascia - The Brascias ended 2023 on a high note, earning the silver medal at Nationals. They had two 11th-place finishes at The Masters and PPA Desert Ridge. In Mesa, they finished in sixth with a big win over the Kawamotos. They took Dizon and Wright to a third game, losing, 10-12. The Brascias are on the rise.

5. Jade Kawamoto/Jackie Kawamoto - The Kawamotos have a silver medal together from PPA Cincinnati. Their results are eerily similar to the Brascia sisters and they have faced each other the past three tournaments. The reason the Kawamotos are just barely ahead of the Brascias is because they have won two of the last three head-to-head matches.

4. Callie Smith & Lucy Kovalova - From August to December, 2023, Lucy and Callie got four medals in women's doubles together. They've come close but haven't medaled yet in 2024. The pair finished fourth at both The Masters and PPA Desert Ridge. One of the oldest pairings on tour still has a lot of game and are capable of medaling any given weekend.

3. Anna Bright/Rachel Rohrabacher - The new kids on the block bring a ton of firepower. Bright and Rohrabacher are a new team as of 2024. Rachel missed PPA Mesa for personal reasons, but before that, Bright and Rohrabacher got a silver medal at The Masters and bronze at PPA Desert Ridge. These two have some of the best offense in the women's game.

Anna Bright, Rachel Rohrabacher
Anna Bright and Rachel Rohrabacher

2. Etta Wright/Meghan Dizon - Etta looks fully healthy and when she is healthy, she brings easy power to the game. Meghan's two-handed backhand in the middle is elite. This team has it all: power, dinking consistency, defense, and mental toughness. They started 2024 hot with three medals in a row, and they look like they can challenge ALW and CP for the top spot in the near future.

1. Anna Leigh Waters/Catherine Parenteau - Never Lost. Statistically speaking, I am sure they should have lost by now. But these two don't really care about statistics - they just win. It's hard to beat them because they are the best offensive and defensive ladies in the game right now. The last event this duo didn't win was over six months ago, when Anna Leigh took the Tournament Of Champions off for rest.

Men's Doubles

10. Connor Garnett/Rafa Hewitt - These two have played a few tournaments together, and while they don't have any wins, they have always finished top 15. Hewitt brings a ton of power as a lefty and Garnett has one of the best two-handed backhands in the game. These two are also extremely elite defensive players. I would like to see them play together more on the PPA Tour.

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9. Gabe Tardio/Andrei Daescu - These two live near each other in Florida and train together some. Daescu usually plays more APP events than PPA events. This team made a huge run in PPA Mesa, beating the Johns, Pat Smith and Jay Devilliers, and Riley and Thomas. Tardio's speedups and offensive game continues to improve. Since he trains with JW Johnson and Dylan, he definitely has some of the best hands in the game.

8. Julian Arnold/Christian Alshon - This team paired up twice to start off 2024, getting a fourth-place finish at the PPA Desert Ridge. I don't know if this team will pair up again, but they definitely bring some fireworks. Both guys are extremely volatile. They can have some of the highest highs, but if they are not on that day, they can have some very low lows. Arnold and Alshon are very versatile, can play both sides and both play whatever type of game they need to.

Julian Arnold
Julian Arnold

7. James Ignatowich/Matt Wright - Matt Wright is 46 and still has some of the best hands in the game. Ignatowich has cemented himself as a potential top 10 guy even though he started playing seriously less than two years ago. This team turned into a regular partnership for 2024. Hopefully the shoulder injury Ignatowich sustained at PPA Mesa doesn't take too long to heal.

6. Jay Devilliers/Pat Smith - Jay and Pat 2.0. These two had been partners in 2021 and are getting back together in 2024. Jay has been playing so much better with his new Vulcan paddle and Pat Smith brings a ton of power. These two have been playing pickleball for a really long time, but they still have what it takes to stay at the highest level.

5. Tyson McGuffin/Dekel Bar - This is a new partnership for 2024. The two JOOLA-sponsored players are some OGs who can bring it. Tyson is super consistent and Dekel brings raw power. These two have some of the biggest serves and thirds in today's game. They won a silver medal at PPA Desert Ridge together and had one of the craziest matches against Zane Navratil and Erik Lange to get there. These two will continue hunting for medals.

4. Federico Staksrud/Pablo Tellez - Fed and Pablo are a long-standing partnership that has consistently fought for medals. For all of their success, however, they only have two medals to show for it. They got bronze at both PPA Las Vegas and The Masters. While they don't have any wins in the last eight months, Pablo and Fed are super consistent. The worst finish they have had over the last eight months is a ninth-place finish at the Takeya Showcase. Since then, they have always made the quarters or better.

3. Riley Newman/Thomas Wilson - Riley had some auditions for his new partner toward the end of last year after his break up with Matt Wright. It seems like he finally found the perfect partner to push for more gold medals. They are two of the most athletic players in the game and arguably the most versatile. Thomas has the hardest forehand drive in the game. This team is new and if they stay together, should be pushing for wins throughout 2024.

Riley Newman
Riley Newman

2. JW Johnson/Dylan Frazier - This duo has medaled in seven of their last nine events, winning three of them. Known for having some of the best hands in the game, it is hard to speed up at this team. The strategy to beat fast hands is usually to slow the game down and dink, but the problem with that is they are also two of the most consistent soft-game players today as well. They will keep pushing Collin and Ben for best in the game.

1. Ben Johns/Collin Johns - Since Collin's calf issue was healed, the Johns brothers have won six of the last eight events. Ben is the best player on the planet and Collin is one of, if not THE best right-sided player in the game. We saw them lose to Andrei and Gabe in Mesa, but they are still the best men's doubles team in the world.

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