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The Best Places to Play Pickleball in Chicago

by Ryan Van Winkle on

Chicago, renowned for its rich history, architectural marvels, and deep dish pizza, is also making a name for itself in the pickleball community.

With the sport's popularity on the rise, Chicagoans and visitors are seeking the best spots to play. Here’s a roundup of the top 10 pickleball venues in Chicago, catering to a range of preferences from accessibility to community vibes.

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 Tuley Park, Chicago

 Location: 337 E Randolph St.

 Access: Public

 Courts Available: 6

 Lighting: Yes, facilitating evening play

 Community Vibe: Energetic and diverse, with a mix of tourists and locals

 Facilities: Lights

 Join open play at Tuley Park

McFetridge Sports Center, North Side

Location: 3843 N California Ave.

Access: Public

Courts Available: 4 indoor courts

Lighting: Yes (indoor)

Community Vibe: Competitive, with a strong regular group of players

Facilities: Ice rink, tennis courts, and fitness center

Join open play at McFetridge Sports Center

Clarendon Park

Location: 2333 W Sunnyside Ave.

Access: Public

Courts Available: 3

Lighting: No

Community Vibe: Family-friendly and casual, perfect for beginners and intermediate players

Facilities: Playground, gazebo, and baseball fields

Join open play at Welles Park

 Horner Park, Irving Park

 Location: 2741 W Montrose Ave.

 Access: Public

 Courts Available: 4

 Lighting: Yes

 Community Vibe: Social and welcoming, with players often organizing impromptu games

 Facilities: Basketball courts, soccer fields, and picnic areas

Join open play at Horner Park

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Gwendolyn Brooks Park

 Location: 4542 S Greenwood Ave.

 Access: Public

 Courts Available: 4 outdoor courts

 Lighting: Yes

 Community Vibe: High energy and fitness focused, with both recreational and competitive play

 Facilities: Lights

 Join open play at Gwendolyn Brooks Park 

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ComEd Recreation Center

 Location: 1434 S Loomis St.

 Access: Private (membership required)

 Courts Available: 2 indoor courts

 Lighting: Yes

 Community Vibe: Cozy and friendly, great for players looking to join a close-knit community

 Facilities: Restrooms and  wheelchair accessible

Join open play at ComEd Recreation Center 

Ellis Park

 Location: 3111 E 77th St.

 Access: Public

 Courts Available: 2 indoor courts

 Lighting: Yes

Community Vibe: Welcoming and energetic, with players of all ages enjoying pickleball against the scenic backdrop of Chicago's skyline

 Facilities: Restrooms and water

 Join open play at Ellis Park

Douglas Monument Park

 Location: 3520 S Cottage Grove Ave.

 Access: Public

 Courts Available: 3 indoor courts

 Lighting: Yes 

 Community Vibe: Modern and trendy, with a young professional crowd

 Facilities: Restrooms, water and lights

 Join open play at Douglas Monument Park

Clarendon Park

 Location: 4501 N Clarendon Ave.

 Access: Public

 Courts Available: 2 outdoor courts

 Lighting: No

 Community Vibe: Engaging and competitive, with a strong sense of community among players

 Facilities: Restrooms, water

 Join open play at Clarendon Park

Cosme Park

 Location: 9201 S Longwood Dr.

 Access: Public

 Courts Available: 3 outdoor courts

 Lighting: Yes

Community Vibe: Scenic and peaceful, offering a serene backdrop for players of all levels

 Facilities: Lights

 Join open play at Cosme Park

Whether you're a competitive player, a beginner, or just looking for a fun way to stay active, Chicago's pickleball venues are ready to welcome you. Dive into the game and enjoy all that Chicago has to offer for pickleball enthusiasts.

Don't miss out on Chicago's pickleball scene.

Ryan Van Winkle

Ryan Van Winkle

Ryan is the Co-Founder & CEO of Bounce, the leading platform for amateur racket sports. He's an avid pickleball, padel, and tennis player and splits his time between New York and Milan.

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