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The 2024 APP Sacramento Open Preview

by Erik Tice on

The APP Tour is headed to Sacramento this weekend for the Sacramento Open at the Johnson Ranch Pickleball Complex, which has 24 dedicated outdoor courts on the south side and four courts on the north side.

How to Watch

All Times are Eastern

  • Friday, March 8th - 3-9pm - ESPN+
  • Saturday, March 9th - 3-9pm - ESPN+
  • Sunday, March 10th - 10am-12pm - ESPN2
  • Sunday, March 10th - 2-5pm - ESPN+

Women’s Singles

Here are the top players to watch out for in singles:

  • Judit Castillo
  • Shelby Bates
  • Alix Truong 
  • Jorja Johnson
  • Megan Fudge

Here are some sleepers to keep an eye on:

  • Emily Ackerman
  • Courtney McIntosh
  • Nicole Eugenio
  • Brooke Revuelta - Revuelta is coming off a big win at APP Next Gen in San Antonio
  • Mari Humberg

Prediction: I think at least two of my darkhorses are going to make a good run. Courtney McIntosh and Brooke Revuelta are my two sleeper picks. I think Judit will beat Megan Fudge in the finals to get her second APP gold in 2024.

Women’s Doubles

Here are some teams that will be seeded high:

  • Susannah Barr/Megan Fudge
  • Jill Braverman/Jorja Johnson
  • Milan Rane/Yana Newell
  • Alix Truong/Mari Humberg

A few teams to look out for who are under the radar:

  • Daria Walczak/Lauren Mercado - The AZ Pickleball League players could upset some people in Sacramento
  • Emily Ackerman/Riley Bohnert
  • Ashleey Candelaria/Arielle Butler

Predictions: Susannah Barr and Megan Fudge dominated the APP in 2023. That may change if we see some more women play the APP Tour. Depending on seeding, I would say that Jill Braverman and Jorja Johnson win the gold over Barr and Fudge.

Mixed Doubles

Here are the top seeds:

  • Gabe Tardio/Jill Braverman
  • Andrei Daescu/Megan Fudge
  • JW Johnson/Jorja Johnson
  • Ryler DeHeart/Alix Truong
  • Erik Lange/Susannah Barr

These pairings won’t be seeded very high but have the potential to make a run:

  • Emily Ackerman/John Cincola
  • Milan Rane/Will Howells
  • Allison Harris/Andre Mick
  • Brendon Long/Mari Humberg - Humberg made a great run at PPA Mesa with Millie Rane
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Predictions: Mixed doubles is going to be a tough bracket. The Johnsons have to be the favorite to win the whole thing. I like Mick and Harris the most out of my darkhorse picks to make a deep run. The Johnsons beat Daescu and Fudge in the finals for gold.

Men’s Singles

Top Seeds will be:

  • Chris Haworth - coming off the Punta Gorda APP gold
  • Naveen Beasley
  • Gabe Tardio
  • Will Howells
  • Jack Foster

Under the radar

  • Michael Loyd
  • Richard Livornese Jr. - coming off the APP Next Gen win
  • Patrick Kawka

Predictions: Men’s pro singles is just a wild ride right now in pickleball. Between the qualifier and the main draw, there are 65 men’s pro singles contestants - And the PPA is also hosting a tournament this weekend with over 80 contestants there!

Without Yates or Hunter Johnson, this almost doesn’t even feel like an APP Tour stop. Haworth is going to be the favorite, especially with his APP Punta Gorda win. Depending on the draw, I am predicting that Howells, Beasley, and Kawka all go far. Haworth wins over Howells on Championship Sunday.

Men’s Doubles

Top Seeded Pairings:

  • Andrei Daescu/Gabe Tardio - coming off a 2nd-place finish at PPA Mesa
  • Will Howells/JW Johnson
  • Andre Mick/Brendon Long

Teams I like to make a run who will not be seeded super high:

  • John Cincola/Jack Munro - LOVE this pairing
  • Patrick Kawka/Erik Lange
  • Brandon Lane/Michael Loyd

Predictions: What do you get when you combine a top five men’s doubles pickleball player and the winner of APP Punta Gorda men’s doubles? The favorites at this tournament. I think the finals will end up being JW Johnson and Will Howells winning over Andrei Daescu and Gabe Tardio.

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