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skullU is your Fun, Affordable, High-Quality Pickleball Brand

by The Dink Media Team on

For a sport with "pickle" in its name, pickleball has its share of those who take themselves very seriously. And that's ok.

But pickleball products tend to have the same issue: anything too fun-looking probably isn't the highest quality, and anything extremely high quality probably doesn't look very fun. It's kind of a "pickle curse."

With skull logos blazing, one company aims to offer a high-quality paddle that looks cool while maintaining affordability, as well as other useful gear for pickleball players.

Let's look at what they have to offer:

Pickleball Paddles for the ATP

The skullU paddle was designed with the game's most popular shots in mind, taking into account the physics involved in successful play. One of the most ubiquitous is the ATP, or around-the-post shot.

Their paddle features ATP technology, comprised of a polypropylene honeycomb core and fiberglass surface, great for the all-around player but specifically suited to making your ATP shots more powerful.

A Better Pickleball Bag

Their paddle bag has three main compartments, two side pockets, and another pocket for shoes or dirty, dirty laundry.

The material is super soft and smooth, like Tennessee whiskey.

What's up with the name?

Co-founders Juan Arraya and Patricio Misitrano have a slightly Spanish accent. Those who have met Juan also know that when he pronounces the word “skull” it sounds more like “school."

You can tell where this is going, right?

With their products, they'll school you – quite literally, if you pronounce it like Juan.

The Argentinean duo has known each other since 1989 and have been involved in the racquets industry for over 20 years.

Check out skullU's bags, pickleball paddles, and more here.

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