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Simplify: Tracking the Ball with MLP MVP Lee Whitwell

by The Dink Media Team on

She was MVP for a reason, folks. Lee Whitwell showed the PB world why she is not to be underestimated this past weekend. Among the many things she does well, one thing stood out more than others: she is proactive, not reactive. So much so that she, by far, had the most ernes of any player in the tournament.

But what allows her to be proactive? Short answer: it’s her knack for tracking the ball. She’s constantly making sure that she’s focusing on the contact points: seeing the ball’s point of contact with her paddle, and looking as the ball makes contact with her opponent’s.

This allows her to track the ball more effectively, and therein, predict where it’s going to be and move her paddle accordingly. It’s the simple things. But we’ll be the first to say that for some reason, this tip sounds a lot better coming from her. So look no further than this video right here.

Now you can play like the Lady of Gibraltar, and win like her too.

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The Dink Media Team

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