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Management Company Reports Record-Breaking Demand for Pickleball Courts in 2024

by Jason Flamm on

In case you've been living under a tennis racket (and in denial that pickleball is still a thing), the demand for pickleball courts is as high as it's ever been.

But don't take our word for it.

The Sports Facilities Companies (SFC), renowned for managing the largest network of sports and recreation facilities in the United States, has reported a surge in demand for pickleball courts in 2024.

Nearly half of SFC’s facilities now accommodate pickleball, with the newly opened Rhythm and Rally Sports and Events in Macon, Georgia, standing out as a flagship example.

The world's largest indoor facility

Rhythm and Rally Sports and Events is the world’s largest indoor pickleball facility. They transformed a vacant mall into a vibrant sports hub, setting a new standard for indoor pickleball venues.

SFC also announced its management of the Lake Kennedy Racquet Center, which is currently under construction and scheduled to open in July 2024 in Cape Coral, Florida.

Designed to serve as a central hub for both competitive and recreational pickleball players, this state-of-the-art facility will feature 32 permanent pickleball courts alongside 12 tennis courts, catering to the diverse needs of the local community.

Pickleball for all

The increasing popularity of pickleball is evident as over 90 percent of community planners and facility developers now consider including pickleball in their feasibility studies for new complexes.

Indoor Pickleball Facility Franchise The Picklr Hits $59 Million Valuation
As pickleball continues to surge in popularity, The Picklr has achieved a $59 million valuation. It aims to expand to over 32 states and 1,080 pro-style indoor courts by 2025.

This trend highlights the sport’s growing appeal and the adaptability of new and existing facilities to convert their playing surfaces to accommodate pickleball courts.

"Pickleball is more than a sport; it’s a catalyst for community development and social engagement," said Jason Clement, CEO of The Sports Facilities Companies. "Through the establishment of facilities like Rhythm and Rally and the upcoming Lake Kennedy Racquet Center, we are not only meeting current demands but are also influencing the future of urban sports facilities."

Southern Pickleball co-founder Paul Midkiff echoed this sentiment, emphasizing SFC’s pivotal role in the sport’s growth.

"It’s clear that The Sports Facilities Companies is at the forefront of the pickleball movement and helping our community meet the demand for courts," Midkiff stated. "Notably, in Macon, we’ve had the ability to host events at what is now the world’s largest indoor pickleball facility, which has significantly enhanced the player and spectator experience."

The future of pickleball is bright

As SFC continues to expand its network and innovate in facility management, the future of pickleball looks brighter than ever.

With state-of-the-art venues like Rhythm and Rally and the upcoming Lake Kennedy Racquet Center, SFC is not only catering to the current pickleball craze but also paving the way for the sport’s sustainable growth and integration into community life.

And we say, keep it coming!

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Jason Flamm

Jason Flamm

Jason is a writer from St. Louis. He’s been a coach in several sports and is currently working on his pickleball coaching certification. He loves to teach and share his passions.

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