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Seven Sweaty Hand Solutions

by The Dink Media Team on

We loved Jessie Irvine’s recent “What’s in My Bag?” segment posted on the PPA Tour’s YouTube channel last week. With temperatures still soaring in the last dog days of August, Jessie’s must-haves for sweaty hands especially caught our eye. She uses pink grip and packs a bag of powdered rosin to keep her hands dry.

Here are five more solutions for moist and sticky paws while you’re battling on the court:

Mega Tac: From the product description: “It features an exclusive tacky PU coating that clings to your hands and prevents twisting and sliding.” Tyson McGuffin swears by Tourna’s Blue overgrip. Be like Tyson, join the Blue army, and wrap your grip to get the most out of your paddle. These grips are also available in packs of 10 and 45. Stock up and save, they are a must-have for the pickleball bag.

Wrist towel: See, you can take it with you! This six-inch, wearable, absorbent cotton wristband will soak up moisture on the go. Great for wiping the forehead and intimidating your opponents. Your pickleball swag is not complete without a little something on the wrist. Sweatbands are not only great for keeping your hands dry but also for keeping score. Have the first server on your team wear a wristband. Whenever your score is even, the player wearing the wristband, should be on the right side of the court.

Tourna sports towel: Hang this on the fence and stay dry all match long. Grab an extra for your opponent so they can ‘throw in the towel’ after you jump ahead to a 7-0 lead. Thick, plush, soft, and absorbent this towel is everything you need it to be out on the courts.

Antiperspirant hand lotion: Dermatologist-recommended and “clinically proven to reduce hand sweat.” Drop a dab of this lotion in your palm to keep your hands dry on tournament day. It’s an easy solution to apply once and remove the worry of drying your hands in between points.

Tacky towel: If you prefer a natural-based solution, Gamma’s popular tacky towel is permeated with bee’s wax. Give it a try and put a little more sting on every shot.

What’s your favorite way to beat the heat and get a grip?

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