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Should the Pickleball Serve Be Weaponized?

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In a recent interview with Hannah Johns, Lea Jansen was asked about what rule changes she thinks should be implemented for 2024, and among the suggestions Lea mentioned was, “I think we should go to a drop serve.”

Explaining that a few years ago, only she and Tyson McGuffin pushed the limits on serving, but now more than a dozen players or so are doing it.

This part of the interview was clipped and posted on the APP Tour Instagram. And boy, did it cause quite the stir!

As of this article, there are over 350 comments on the post. Some users go as far as calling Lea a "whiner" or "poor sport" or saying that it's ridiculous for an athlete to ask for a rule change because "the competition has caught up with them."

Lea, not one to back down from the hidden keyboard heroes of social media, responded to most of these comments and tried her best to explain what she meant by the answer to the question.

In a few comments, she brought up the fact that pickleball rules state that the serve should not be an offensive weapon (source: USA Pickleball) and that you only had to look at the now illegal spin serve to see an example of a rule change to even the playing field.

On King of the Court, the podcast by Jimmy Miller and Tyler Loong, they also weighed in on the topic of whether or not the serve should be weaponized in pickleball.

They defended Lea's comments, though they disagreed that the answer should be a drop serve.

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So, what's your opinion? Are the serves in the pros too offensive? Should a serve be an offensive weapon? How would you feel about the pros switching to drop serves?

We’d love to hear your thoughts. Email them here.

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