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A Bold Claim for the Selkirk Pro S1 Pickleball

by The Dink Media Team on

The pickleball world has been hurting for a more advanced ball.

Paddle technology has gone through rapid innovation since the game's big boom in 2020. Paddles these days make those of 5 years ago seem obsolete.

Unfortunately, advancements in ball technology have not followed the trend.

Players have been left using the same old balls that crack or go out of round within a couple of games.

Selkirk has changed the game with a bold claim. They offer "an industry-first one-year no-crack warranty on the ball."

You read that right. A guarantee that the plastic ball you're meant to hit over and over again will not crack within a year.

Tired of spending a fortune on cracked pickleballs? How about a 1-year warranty? Try the new Pro S1 ball from Selkirk - The New Pickleball Standard.

On The Court

Finally, it was time to break the Pro S1 out of the plastic case and get them out on court. The first thing you will notice is the unique hold pattern on the Pro S1.

Selkirk has created a 38-hole pattern that differs from the standard 40-hole pattern in most outdoor balls. The hole placement is unique to Selkirk as well as the hole size. You will surely notice the tiny holes that help play a part in Selkirk's game-changing aerodynamics.

Straight out of the box, the Pro S1 feels high quality. You can tell the durability claims are real.

The most surprising part about the ball is the speed of play. In most instances, there is a clear difference between playing with the ball commonly used at the pro level and every other ball off the shelf.

The Pro S1 is the first ball to blur that gap and play like a pro-quality ball. Some players crave that faster level of play and the Pro S1 delivers.

The ball plays fast like a Dura and provides a similar level of spin. You can see the ball drop over the net when topspin is added to your drive.

At the kitchen line mistakes are punished because of the speed and level of spin that are possible. If you're not paying attention to what your opponent puts on the ball you will be in trouble.

After 4 sessions of play, the durability claims have held up and the Pro S1 hasn't cracked. The biggest benefit of that is saving a little extra cash and not having to be concerned about running out of balls anytime soon. There is no delay mid-game while someone tries to track down a new ball.

Before (left) and after (right) a few playing sessions

Where It Ranks

The Pro S1 is easily a top contender in the ball market now. It is difficult for any ball to penetrate the current market but I could see the Pro S1 breaking through.

Some players stick their noses up if they see a new ball brought onto the court. Selkirk's reputation for innovation and cutting-edge technology will vouch for this new ball.

For me, the Pro S1 ranks at the top of the list for all-around ball. The guarantee of durability combined with the high level of play makes it an easy choice for any player.

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