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How to Record and Analyze Yourself Playing Pickleball

by The Dink Media Team on

Recording yourself playing pickleball is one of the best tips we could probably give you. To some, it may sound obvious – but watching recordings is a humbling way to dig deep and analyze your game.

We guarantee you'll catch mistakes that you couldn't take the time to analyze in the middle of a pickup game.

So, time to face the music. Break out the GoPro, dust off the camcorder or just lean your cell phone against the fence. Whatever you do, get yourself on tape playing pickleball.

It might be a little jarring at first. Kind of like hearing your voice in a recording for the first time. Watching yourself play pickleball can be a humbling, but ultimately rewarding experience.

When you review the tape, don't just be on the look out for obvious wins or errors, like ATPs and bodybags.

Keep an eye on these fundamentals:

  • Footwork - Good form starts from the ground up. How does your footwork look on points that you lose?
  • Paddle position - Is that paddle dipping down below your waist in between shots? Quit it!
  • Recovery - How long does it take you to recover? Do you spend a little too much time admiring that last ball?
  • Shot Selection - The first step towards solving a speedup problem is admitting you have one. Assess your tendencies and see if your speedups and drives result in points won or points lost.

After you accept that your swing is a little more Charles Barkley than Tiger Woods, break down those fundamentals. The fastest way to level up is to be extremely consistent with the basics.

While you're in the film room, take a look at your partner and opponents. An analysis of their game will only help your ability to anticipate.

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It is much easier to recognize patterns and tendencies when there is no threat of taking a ball to the chest.

As always, if you capture anything good, send it into @thedinkpickleball on IG, or email us here.

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