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Proof That Pickleball Players Are the Most Honest People in Sports

by Jason Flamm on

Last week, we published our weekly poll question, "Have you ever purposely made a bad line call?"

After 5,356 responses, we discovered that pickleball players might just be the most honest athletes in the world.

A whopping 83.5 percent of respondents have never purposely made a bad line call. 

That's 4,472 people out of the 5,356 who answered. 

This, of course, must be true. No one would ever lie in a silly online poll. Right? Right?

Right. So, I think you’ll agree with us that this proves that pickleball players are the best, most honest, and fair athletes in the world. 

So, next time your fellow pickler claims to be a 4.0 or says they never sandbag in tournaments, you’ll know to believe that, too.

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