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Setting Up To Be a Wild Weekend at the PPA Carvana Mesa Arizona Cup

by Erik Tice on

Plenty to digest and look forward to this weekend at the unpredictable PPA Carvana Mesa Arizona Cup at the Legacy Sports Complex in Mesa.

The Johns Bros Go Down 

Andrei Daescu and Gabe Tardio (No. 16 seed) put the pedal to the medal, played with a ton of energy, caused errors, and won 11-6, 11-5.

Gabe Tardio
Gabe Tardio and partner Andrei Daescu took down the Johns Bros on Thursday.

Men's Singles Upset Alert

Cason Campbell (No. 43 seed), beat Collin Shick (No. 12 seed), and then beat Dylan Frazier (No. 8 seed). The 17-year-old is going to face Jack Sock in the quarterfinals on Friday, which should be a very entertaining match.

Anna Leigh Waters has invented a new serve

We've seen serves that take a large step but we've never quite seen one with such a large run-up.

Ben Johns doing Ben Johns things

We know Ben is still the GOAT of singles but we've never quite seen an ATP from this far back before.

Jack Sock pulls off the Kyle Yates

Jack Sock is truly a pickleball player now. Watch him successfully execute the Kyle Yates trick shot.

Straight Chalk in Mixed Doubles

The top eight seeds made it out of the Round of 16 to make it to the quarterfinals. This means every match on Friday will feature the best of the best.

The PPA Carvana Mesa Arizona Cup Preview
The Mesa Arizona Cup takes center stage this week in the world of professional pickleball. It’s the third PPA Tour stop in the 2024 season and is being held at the Legacy Sports Complex, in Mesa, Arizona. There are 41 dedicated courts at the facility and the championship court has

Anna Bright Successful Singles Debut

Anna Bright is playing women's singles this week, and playing it well. She is the No. 21 seed due to not playing a ton of singles throughout 2023. Look out for her to make a run in singles this weekend.

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