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PicklePod Ep 72: All 3 elements of the service rules are broken w/ Connor Garnett

by The Dink Media Team on

Connor Garnett is in studio to cover everything from Nationals in Dallas. The former investment banker made the switch to full-time pickleball in 2023 and it is paying off.

Garnett weighs in on the drop serve discussion and Zane explains why the serve is so difficult to regulate. Connor shares his experience with the progression draw and questions if JW Johnson and Collin Johns swap secrets to benefit the Columbus Sliders. Don’t miss Connor on this all-new episode.

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Show Notes:

0:00 Explaining the rules to Connor Garnett
3:10 Banker in previous life
7:10 The decision to go full-time
9:51 Let’s talk about Nationals
16:00 The amateur experience with UTPR and sandbagging
21:16 Progression draw loved it, hated it and indifferent
30:20 JW the first new champ in 7 years
36:46 Haworth’s big upset
39:16 Collin claps back at DUPR
46:18 Do JW and Collin share secrets at MLP?
50:42 Lea Jansen wants to change the serve game
58:08 AJ and Fed at Nationals
1:06:13 The status of San Clemente

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