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PicklePod Ep 63: A lot of paddles are going to fail

by The Dink Media Team on

For the first time ever, a winner of the PicklePod listener contest joins the pod. He is a former free diver and competitive surfer who outlines the flow state benefits of pickleball. Zane explains the new scrutiny around his signature paddle and gets coerced to auction off a seat at his wedding. Plus a story featuring Machine Gun Kelly, Megan Fox and ayahuasca in Costa Rica.

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Show Notes:

0:00 Honcho Pickleball League and pickleball job openings
6:50 We introduce Connor Irwin, kinda
12:45 Flow state and pickleball
16:41 A new standard for the grit test
24:33 A coaching relationship or serial killer material
28:50 Pros are still young and when to tag an opponent on the ground
36:29 DJ Young is turning things around
40:55 Mindfulness in pickleball, Ayahuasca with MGK and Meghan Fox
48:07 The Kumbaya era is over
54:03 Best pods in pickleball
56:57 Did Ben Johns like losing?
1:04:55 Playing poorly on Adderall
1:10:09 Zane wants to auction seats to his wedding
1:21:55 Stop Alzheimer’s Now questions

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