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PicklePod Ep 57: New Tech will End Sandbagging w/ Steve Kuhn

by The Dink Media Team on

MLP creator Steve Kuhn joins PicklePod this week. Steve is addicted to growing the sport of pickleball domestically and internationally. On the pod he unveils new initiatives that will get pickleball into schools, create more playing opportunities and end sandbagging once and for all. Don’t miss an all-new episode with pickleball visionary Steve Kuhn.

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Show Notes:

0:00 Let’s get right into rally scoring
5:45 Pickleball Cares and pickleball politics
12:48 A global perspective on pickleball
17:50 A billion players worldwide
29:30 Steve Kuhn Pickleball Ventures
32:10 The highest prize pool in stock options
43:19 Managing different opinions and investors
49:54 Steve Kuhn Snooker superfan
54:50 Bussin with the boys
1:02:51 A new version of DUPR is here
1:07:10 The end of sandbagging
1:18:30 Minor League Pickleball and MLPalooza
1:20:51 PickleMall in Kuhn’s Portfolio
1:28:10 Pickleball’s chance to enter NCAA and high school relevancy

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The Dink Media Team

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