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PicklePod Ep 54: On-court antics are a gift and a curse w/ Brooks Wiley

by The Dink Media Team on

Major League Commissioner Brooks Wiley stops by PicklePod on his podcast tour. Brooks and the Professional Pickleball Labs have been busy creating new standards for pickleball testing and he is here to update the fans. Brooks shares plans for future MLP updates including an MLP ball and VAR system.

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Show Notes:

0:00 Getting down in the dirt - meme of the week
6:07 Updates from the Commissioner
11:29 Creating new methods for paddle testing
16:31 The new MLP ball
19:45 Getting ready MLP San Clemente - VAR, Championship Court
24:11 The first blue card in MLP history
27:30 Tyson McGuffin calls out DJ’s antics
32:15 Finding a way to make pickleball look cool
43:03 Twitter is taking over the pickleball conversation
50:55 Red Rock paddle testing results
53:10 Pickleball conspiracy theories - policing amateurs
1:00:06 Rule changes and the Wild West Tournament
1:06:15 Minor League Pickleball and the Super Finals

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The Dink Media Team

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