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PicklePod Ep. 26 - Ben Johns Signs New Paddle Deal

by The Dink Media Team on

The world’s top pickleball player, Ben Johns, joins the PicklePod to announce Joola as his new paddle and primary sponsor. The Hyperion paddle will debut at the PPA Red Rocks Open on April 7th. Will the switch to carbon fiber and Joola’s paddle engineering expertise make Johns unbeatable?


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*Show notes:*

(1:00) Ben’s big announcement!

(7:37) The new frontiers of paddle technology

(15:23) Pickleball Wordwide…investors? Possibly you! Ben’s excited for the growth of pickleball particularly internationally

(25:55) Shot combos/patterns vs reactions, two handed backhands, team combos and play calling

(32:42) Bringing in the casual fan: camera angles, player backstories, CASH!

(37:07) Discussing strategies when dealing with the elements (eg. wind)

(44:55 How to beat Ben and Anna Leigh Waters

(50:30) Ben’s advice for all players

(54:08) Beyond the Baseline: Get to know Ben off the court!

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