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PicklePod Ep 40: A New Pickleball Addiction w/ Workaholics Creator, Kyle Newacheck

by The Dink Media Team on

The multifaceted film, tv and music video director/actor Kyle Newacheck has a new obsession, and her name is pickleball. Hear how he got started playing the game on the set of his new show ‘What We Do in the Shadows’ and how he is spreading the addiction with his Workaholics co-stars. Kyle and Tyson both have a nemesis in their 70’s sparking a conversation about pickleball bringing generations together. We sprinkle in a little pickleball shoe science to educate another newcomer to the game.


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Show Notes

07:45 QG Article tries to take pickleball down a notch
9:55 Kyle Newacheck joins the pod
14:00 We keep losing to 70 year olds
21:20 Newacheck wants to go pro…in 10-15 years
23:10 Introducing pickleball to the Workaholics guys
29:30 Is pickleball as big as we think it is?
37:28 Very stoked to be able to play in Jordan’s - pickleball show science
41:50 How do I start installing a pickleball court in my backyard?
46:12 Tyson catches Kyle up on the Tour Wars, sounds like WWE vs WCW
52:00 People “flipping out about the sound of pickleball”


Thomas  0:00
Okay, yeah, that we're back. We're back and we're live.

Tyson  0:05
And on a Friday. I had to travel yesterday. So I didn't even realize that right? Yeah. Traveled yesterday and got home last night. And now I'm back and connections really good. So I'm very, very happy. Yeah.

Thomas  0:23
Do you do you ever think about like upgrading your studio generally, I was looking at some some kits to just really up the game. Mostly, mostly visually, I just,

Tyson  0:34
I need a visual upgrade as well back here. Yeah, I don't know what. And this is also my guest room. So like, I can't be hanging like feeling gamma posters all over the thing. And then have my mom come and stay in it for a week. Why not? Okay. painted.

Thomas  0:56
I just got an email. And I actually just, I just have to, I have to mention this because it's all they just got an email had no idea it was happening. Selkirk just sent me $700 worth of paddles.

Tyson  1:10
Not atolls,

Thomas  1:11
not that by the way.

Tyson  1:12
So that's two paddles. 333 battles. Do you know how many gamma battles I have? Dude, I have got like 42. This

Thomas  1:23
is crazy. What? I don't know just some of the paddles that they're coming out with and stuff like that. And again, I'm not mad I'm just kind of talking about but it's nice when you get an email that you're about to receive a bunch of nautical ball paddles you didn't even ask for. I don't have I left my pickleball shoes in Michigan and I was like, I'll buy some some new ones. And then I forgot to so I was putting pickleball in non like tennis or pickleball shoes.

Tyson  1:48
Oh, I bet you looked like such a doofus on the courts. I

Thomas  1:51
was I was less concerned about the look and more concerned about breaking my ankle. Could you tell the difference? Yeah, like it's I have a guy here.

Tyson  2:01
I have a guy here who will will only play in running shoes.

Thomas  2:04
Yeah, that's that's dangerous. That's how I feel

Tyson  2:07
the upper isn't designed to hold your foot in place. Like my filas My ankle is not going anywhere.

Thomas  2:13
Yeah. No, it makes a huge there and having that flat, grippy, grippy bottom. But then you'll you'll see like a player like a jack Foster, who will wear legitimately two different shoes and one of the shoes is just a piece of crap. And the idea is the soul. The soul of the shoe is worn, so he can slide really, really well. And then his other shoe is super grippy.

Tyson  2:37
I noticed that with Zane Navratil to he wear shoes, and tell they were through to the ball of his foot till he's touching skin. Yeah, to the court. And I'm like that's yeah, not for me.

Thomas  2:50
I don't listen, if I get if I'm at a point where I want to be sliding that much. I have that much momentum. Yeah. Then I'm I am risking far too much for a pickleball game.

Tyson  3:01
Correct? Yeah, that's that's the difference between us and top level pros. The only difference? Probably, yeah. So what have you got going on? Thomas? Do you you're still in school? Are you out of school for the summer and getting back into it? What's going on?

Thomas  3:19
Yeah, we just took finals. But I, I have to write a paper today.

Tyson  3:23
Who is it going to be like a ball.

Thomas  3:26
It's like a five page paper. It's about a business idea. So maybe I'll choose one of these, these pickleball companies and what they're up to, but yeah, so and then hopefully playing a little bit this weekend. Mostly.

Tyson  3:40
We have a ton of news today. Just like pickleball stuff getting sprinkled all over like it has been for the last like six months. But I also want to wait for our guests to have him chime in because he's very excited for this guest.

Thomas  3:57
How are you? Yeah, he's one of the he's one of the funniest people. I think, once I have this conversation, he'll be one of the funniest people I've ever met. Maybe the funniest

Tyson  4:06
more than me, you think?

Thomas  4:09
Yeah, I mean, you guys are gonna be neck and neck. It's gonna be tough. It's gonna be a big performance for you. There's I

Tyson  4:13
don't think so. I don't let if he wants the limelight and the spotlight, he can have it. But Kyle Nua check. Yep. One of the creators of workaholics. Yeah. Which one of my favorite shows when it was out?

Thomas  4:28
My buddies and I still quote that constantly today. Yeah.

Tyson  4:32
And now he's working on an epic show, right?

Thomas  4:38
Is he Yeah, I mean, writing it. He's created it. Yeah, he's an executive producer on a ton of stuff. He also brings out to him also produced like one of my favorite like a music video for one of my favorite songs ever. But I know ya know, I know him best is the pot dealer on that's how I know. That's how I Which if you don't know, the show this was I think it was probably 2011 to like 2017 or something like that. And like, yeah, it was like three dudes who were kind of burnouts trying to make sense of their life all living in the same house a little older than they, then you should be when you live in a house like that. And, you know, they'd come up with funny ideas. They worked on a call center, smoked a lot of weed all worked in a call center together. Yeah. And I think really, it was like one of those shows, it was like, It's Always Sunny, where, you know, they sort of just like film the pilot on some crappy video camera, and just put it out there. And it was so hilarious that it just got organic traction, and then eventually, it grew into what it was, which was like, a well produced and well known TV show on Comedy Central.

Tyson  5:48
Yeah, very funny. And then all of those guys have gone on to lots of other really great stuff. And, yeah,

Thomas  5:59
but we know Kyle, because he went, I first heard of him as like a pickleball fan, because he he is on a podcast, he hosts a podcast. With the workaholics crew. It's called this is important. And he was there just kind of like fighting the good fight, as we all do, right, trying to just advocate for pickleball and convince them that it wasn't this, you know, joke of joke of a sport or they believe embro. Either they were they were ribbing him giving him giving him crap for it. But he did it did a good job. So he's obsessed with pickable these investigations all the time.

Tyson  6:35
Yeah, he's in my DMs too. And we've been trying to get them on for a while. And things have never aligned and now they are aligning. So you couldn't do it. So I had to step in. Well, he messaged me while I was traveling and said, I can do your podcast now. And then I didn't respond to him. I was talking to him about pickleball back and forth. And so yeah, so you did you're the closer.

Thomas  7:04
Correct. But there is like a lot of different news. So we'll see if he has takes on some of the stuff. But oh,

Tyson  7:10
I sent me well,

Thomas  7:11
I sent you that GQ article, I really want to talk about that. Because it was just I thought it was it was funny, there was stuff that was wrong. I think it was an interesting take because we haven't heard this type of take from a major publication yet. Usually when you see these stories, it's just like Pickleball is the greatest thing ever. Pickleball is a future Pickleball is growing at this rate. And this one kind of came at it from a different angle more of like a realistic like, Well, is it going to be that big, and provided some some counterpoints and a fresh perspective? And so I appreciated that, but they still got a lot of stuff wrong as most Yeah.

Tyson  7:46
Did you like that? You did like that perspective, though. Because I, when I read through it, you sent it to me this morning, like 10 minutes ago. Yeah, I looked at it. I sped Reddit, which is another one of my many talents. Yeah, I can probably speed read faster than you, Thomas. But my understanding of it is that tennis is currently also booming. Yeah. And my perspective from tennis as a avid pickleball player, is there are not people on my local tennis courts very often. But I'm in Arizona, maybe that's the hotbed of one of the hotbeds of pickleball there are still people playing tennis. But when I look on social media when I watch TV, tennis is very, very present. Yeah. So where is the intersection of those parabolas?

Thomas  8:49
Well, okay, calm down. Take Take a step back. I mean, Friday, okay.

Tyson  8:59
Just like in the article, it was like, there's so many companies getting into tennis, there's a resurgence. It's almost like the the golf resurgence of a handful of years ago where fashion is getting involved with tennis again, and there's new and exciting stuff. And tennis has never looked better than it is does now. But at the same time. My local courts are not booked like they're saying in GQ that like, you have to wait in line for courts for tennis and stuff like that. I could go right now to my pickleball and tennis court in my HOA. Nobody's at the tennis court. I can't get on the pickleball court for two weeks, which is how far out you're allowed to book.

Thomas  9:44
What do you say we get Kyle's take on the matter.

Tyson  9:46
I want to let's do it.

Thomas  9:48
Let's bring him in. Yo, there. What's up? What's happening?

Kyle Newacheck  9:56
Oh goes it.

Tyson  9:57
Great. Shout out to Duncan doughnuts to? Oh, it's pickleball go nuts. Dude, are you making these yourself?

Thomas  10:10
I saw another shirt you had and I was like, where's he getting those? Listen,

Tyson  10:13
I know these Hollywood types. He's got like a silkscreen thing in his basement where he's like, this is my art. This is my outlet,

Kyle Newacheck  10:20
right? No, actually, all you have to do is go to and search and type in pickleball funny pickleball T shirts funny. Okay.

Tyson  10:32
Do you have an associate link for all of these shirts that you could just like, shoot out to all our listeners?

Kyle Newacheck  10:37
I'll send you the link to this one. And the other shirt that I have that is what is it? It says? I don't always play Wait. Yeah, I do.

Tyson  10:46
Yeah, that's pretty good one too. Yeah, you bet. Dude. You've been super busy.

Kyle Newacheck  10:52
Yeah, I've been busy, been busy. But you know, loving this, this new thing that I got this new addiction called pickleball to take my mind off of Hollywood and all that stuff. Yeah, right. But yeah, I've been busy. I was working on what we do in the shadows. That's what I'm primarily doing right now. I don't know if you guys know that show. You know,

Tyson  11:13
we do know that show. But we also both of us are avid and very diehard workaholic spans from how many years ago now is that?

Thomas  11:23
I don't know, man. But I think what 2011 was maybe the first year.

Kyle Newacheck  11:27
Yeah, that sounds about right. I was just thinking like I was at Comic Con was shadows. And I was like, I think 2013 was when I first started going or 2012 to Comic Con. So it's it's somewhere in there.

Thomas  11:39
Yeah. Yeah. Because I just remembered as being like when I was getting close to graduating from from high school and then moving into college. Oh my god. Era for me. Yeah.

Kyle Newacheck  11:50
You heard it all through college.

Tyson  11:53
Yeah, this is

Thomas  11:55
high school and like to be getting a college? Well, sure. Yeah.

Tyson  12:00
We talked to Doug Ellen, who's the creator of entourage, which I think all the young men of that era and that age. That was their dream was like the entourage was the fantasy. And then the reality was workaholics. So when I watch workaholics, like this is me and my friends and we're all trying to make something of ourselves and we're going nowhere. And that's okay, because we're

Kyle Newacheck  12:21
I'm Yeah, yeah, that's hella funny. I mean, yeah, entourage, like got us through those early ranks of Hollywood to where we're like, Oh, dude, you're like Vinnie, and I'll be like, EA and like, hurdles over there. Like, you know, just like, look, it's hard for them sometimes to sometimes because it seems so easy for them to be in Hollywood and making it right. But you know.

Tyson  12:43
So let's get back to pickleball. Yeah, probably talking about all this other garbage all the time, dude. And you probably have other outlets to cover it and stuff. I mean, you can talk about it if you want to. But oh, no,

Kyle Newacheck  12:53
I'm here to talk about pickleball I'm here with y'all to talk about pickleball love it.

Tyson  12:58
How did you get into it?

Kyle Newacheck  13:00
You know, it was actually the writers on what we do in the shadows. The showrunner and, and one of the other writers, Paul Sims and Sam Johnson. They said they were playing pickleball. And we were gonna go to Toronto and start working. This was late in like, 2021, I guess. And they were like, You got to play pickleball. And you know, the name alone was like, what's that? That's hilarious. Yeah, Sign me up. Yeah, like I'm already in, just because it's called pickleball. You know, like, and then I saw that it was ping pong kind of, you know, there's a, there's a route in ping pong, that I have a root in ping pong. So I was like, Okay, I love ping pong, but it's not. I don't know, I like to run around to and do like, you know, half court basketball or whatever. And so once we started playing in Toronto, it was like, oh, game on dude, as soon as we and also there's an age difference between us. And we were having great games. And I wanted a game that could be like, you know, doesn't matter how, how old you are, but but that's how I got started. And then I learned more about it, you know, the shadows writers.

Tyson  14:11
Yeah, that's a that's super. I mean, that's one of the beautiful things of the sport is being able to connect with like people from any generation, like, people way older than us who are crushing us. And then we're crushing people younger than us. So it feels good all the way around. Right? It's, it's

Kyle Newacheck  14:30
best I got two buddies, dad, who I play with here, and in the Bay Area, and that's how we kind of we haven't seen each other in a long time. And so we play he's got to be like, 70, right? Yeah, we play singles, and I get really close. Really close, but I have not, like hammered at home yet. And I've probably played him like, you know, at least 25 times.

Tyson  14:56
Do you go home dejected from that or do you feel good about that like well, Because I played with my 70 year old neighbor, that's how I got into it initially, I would take him and we would learn the rules together. And he was beating me at first and I would come home and my wife could instantly tell that I had not beaten this seven year old guy. And she's like, Oh, you didn't win today? Did you? I was like, No. And it's upsetting because I can move way better than him. I don't know what's going on. He played a lot of racquetball.

Kyle Newacheck  15:22
Well, that's like the wisdom that's in pickleball, as well, because you have a very, like, fast, climb early, like everybody jumps in, and they're like, Dude, I love pickleball. This is fantastic. But then once you get on the court, and you start really playing, it's like, there's some very easy, like strategy that you can do to keep the other person winded and running. And that seems to go on. I never played tennis. So I don't have a basis of this. Dude, who, who's 70 and can beat me all the time played tennis. So he's got like this inside information that I'm like, what was that? How do you? Yeah, you know,

Thomas  16:04
so are you more of a singles or doubles guy?

Kyle Newacheck  16:06
I like them both. Yeah, I like them both. I think I really enjoy playing singles. But I'm not I don't really have the wind for more than like, you know, four games, four or five games. It's like, I'm trying but it really does make you run around. And I'm, you know, I'm gonna get there. I'm just not quite there yet.

Tyson  16:27
Yeah. Well, it's good for you to get the exercise and feels good to leave the court exhausted.

Kyle Newacheck  16:34
Yeah, but doubles is. It's more fun. I think. I think doubles is like when you have a team mate, and you're, you know, both working as hard as you can and really flipping it all over the court. It's like, that's really satisfying. Yeah.

Tyson  16:51
Yeah. What, uh, what level of fandom Are you? Are you streaming professional events live when you can? Are you watching highlights on YouTube? Do you know all the top pros? Are you going to events like where are you at?

Kyle Newacheck  17:06
So no events? I haven't gone to a pickleball event yet. But I did sign up for a tournament and then I didn't go to it. I was actually gonna. Yep. Yeah, I just didn't go

Thomas  17:17
that No, that's a rite of passage. Yeah, you have to do that.

Tyson  17:21
And then the morning you got to be like, I bought

Kyle Newacheck  17:26
a trip and I was so tripping on it. So I just was like, No, I'm not gonna go out to Monterey this year. But let's say I'm watching you know, I follow on Instagram, so I get all the highlights. I get a lot. I know some pros. I mean, you know, shout out to my guy Tyson MacGuffin. been a fan since the beginning. You know, just like his style. I like him there used to not have I don't know if they have bleeps on there anymore. But they used to not bleeps on the pro circuit and you could catch some some drama. Yeah,

Tyson  17:56
we'll get back to that. I think we've cleaned it up a bit, but we got to make those guys up and get them angry at each other again,

Kyle Newacheck  18:03
it was pretty it was an interesting dynamic there at the beginning I remember texting and then texting links to like all the shadows writers being like check it now because they don't have their finger on the bleep button. And it's like it's pretty interesting. But yeah,

Tyson  18:20
probably one of the more radical as far as style goes one of the more radical players on the probably the most radical honestly, like he's totally, you know, wearing the short shorts wearing the bright colors. Got this? Scott? Yeah, that's Yeah, yeah, I think his cat starred Have you seen him up close? No, I

Kyle Newacheck  18:38
haven't. I have not.

Tyson  18:40
I think they're all pickleball centric, because I know. I know. His license plate is very pickleball centric. Oh, really? Yeah.

Kyle Newacheck  18:48
If he's got a tattoo of like the Grim Reaper of pickleball dude, I will flip like absolutely Philip. That would be the the tightest thing

Tyson  19:02
we got to get him on here and go through his whole tat like the the origin story of all his tats,

Kyle Newacheck  19:08
right. And he can just like Sharpie, a pickle ball, like, you know, rather than either a paddle in the ocean, I call it a racket.

Tyson  19:15
That's okay. Do that we on I understand what you meant.

Kyle Newacheck  19:19
Thank you. Yeah, that's the early mistake. Just, you know, let everybody out there know that it happens. All right happens to the best of us.

Tyson  19:28
And just be patient with these guys. When they call it a racket. It's okay to not correct them.

Kyle Newacheck  19:33
You can flex your knowledge, but also let them in. Don't box them out. All right.

Tyson  19:42
So do you know what level you are? What level Did you sign up for on your tournament?

Kyle Newacheck  19:47
Honestly, I went three right in the middle. No idea. No idea that could have been way more than I am. I don't know. Wait, last two should be way less. Yeah. I'd love to figure it out. I have no idea.

Tyson  20:01
Well, we have duper, which is a system that can figure it out if you play other people who are also on duper, which is an app, and they use like an algorithm for, and you can put in games versus your opponents, even if they're rec games. And that's kind of a style or you can just ask a pro and play with a pro for a few rounds. And they'll usually be able to, like, steer you in a pretty good direction.

Kyle Newacheck  20:25
That's what I need to do. I just need to kind of get a get some eyes on my game, you know? Yeah,

Tyson  20:31
I bet. I bet you're above a three. If you're playing regularly, then there would be no reason you're three or three, five at the very minimum.

Kyle Newacheck  20:42
Okay. All right. Well, that's good to know. I mean, yeah, I mean, I'm playing all the time. Starting to get into like, you know, like doubles games, where it actually feels like what I'm seeing on TV, you know,

Tyson  20:57
yeah, that's the beauty of the sport, though, is like, I know, when I started playing, I was like, Oh, I could probably be pro. I'm watching what they're doing. I'm kind of mimicking it. The difference is they do it 98% of the time they execute exactly what's going on in their brain. Yep. For me, it's like 30% of the time.

Kyle Newacheck  21:14
Yeah, totally. Totally. I said on my podcast with the guys from workaholics that I want to go pro in pickleball. Like, you know, because I would like to latch on to the sport and just play it for a play until I'm 90. You know what I mean? Like, that's the cool thing about the game is like, it's like golf or something, and you can but I'm not doing it gonna do it in my 30s Maybe not even in my 40s Probably reserving that for 50s I'm gonna be pro.

Tyson  21:44
Yeah. So you're gonna, you're gonna start training now. How old? Are you right now? I'm 38 years old. You're 38. And so you're, you're, you're like, probably like, 15 years away from being pro.

Kyle Newacheck  21:55
Right? That's kind of what I'm setting my expectations of? Yeah, maybe 40, maybe late 40s.

Tyson  22:02
Something to work towards to because you got so much going on right now. And this is like, a goal for the distant future. I like it.

Kyle Newacheck  22:09
Yeah, it's something to keep going in the background. You know, I mean, first it's, it's try and try and get a pickleball movie out out to the market you doing? I don't know man, I you know, obviously, when you get when you get jumped into a sport like this, it's so addicting. All you can think about is like, Well, wait, what if I made a flick? And this, you know,

Tyson  22:31
yeah, I know, some stuff is happening in Hollywood with some more documentary style stuff. But yeah, like a dodgeball style film.

Kyle Newacheck  22:42
Yeah, exactly. Exactly. I want to know who's doing it. And at least get a cameo in it. You know, even if it's just at least let me get in there and flip a paddle or something, you know,

Tyson  22:53
well, here's, here's the deal I'll make with you. If I hear anything. Yeah, I'll let you know and connect you. And if you hear anything, do the same for me.

Kyle Newacheck  23:01
Likewise, you got to do that's a deal. Deal.

Tyson  23:04
Deal. So you went on your podcast? What's the what's the what's the name of the pod again, with the workaholics guys. It's called this is important. It's important. Check it out, everybody and they harassed you when you said you'd like pickleball, right? They, they Oh, yeah. weren't letting you have it.

Kyle Newacheck  23:24
Those guys, you know, they like to razz me, that's our, that's our relationship. But when it came to pickleball, I was pretty serious about it, and they thought they could still razz me about it. And that was not really that that nice, because it is my, my new true love. My oldest friend, is Blake from that group. And Blake gave me shit about it and really wouldn't let up until I had him over to my house. And I got a sandlot of a pickleball court in the backyard. Okay. I got like the spray painted lines. And it's like, it's got like a like, there's there's some bad bumps in there. You know what I mean? But I had them over,

Tyson  24:04
huh variants that's just variants, those bumps Yeah,

Kyle Newacheck  24:08
exactly. So I had them over and we played a game of doubles. And he was like, Oh, this is awesome. Because he plays ping pong as well. Not tennis, but ping pong. And then we played singles. And you know, he loved it. I beat him two out of three, of course, but he got close on his first game. She's got energy. And then he came back to the pod and he's like, Yo, I just bought a paddle. It's like Oh, so you're in

Tyson  24:31
because this is what you should do. Because he razzed you so hard is you should introduce him to the sport and then figure out a way to take it away from him forever. The judges my mind thinking

Kyle Newacheck  24:44
I don't know man. I yeah, I just want to play doubles with him. I think him and I would be a fantastic team and we would work for it. And I would love to play actually with him. You know,

Tyson  24:56
Lion Air. You're out of the bay area what what spot specifically

Kyle Newacheck  25:00
I'm out of the Bay Area that East Bay like Danville Alamo area.

Tyson  25:04
Okay? Yep. Thomas then we make our way down there because we'll, we'll take you in Blake on or we need to. You gotta get Blake in shape though you didn't this is a reason for Blake to hit the court.

Kyle Newacheck  25:16
Well, when would this be in?

Tyson  25:18
I don't know.

Kyle Newacheck  25:19
Where are you guys?

Tyson  25:21
I'm in outside of Phoenix. Yeah, no, I'm

Thomas  25:24
in Austin.

Kyle Newacheck  25:25
Oh, okay, cool. Oh, well, we're all over the place right now, aren't we guys? Yeah,

Tyson  25:29
this is the beauty of technology. But we Thomas, are you going to be in LA for the nursing?

Thomas  25:39
Listen, if Kyle tells me to be in LA, I'll be in LA whenever dropped. Here's my here's my suggestion, though. Because Kyle Tyson and I, I actually, I think at this point, we prefer to be adversaries, we can mix it up, right? So like to take Blake or I'll take you and Tyson will take the other.

Kyle Newacheck  26:02
I definitely think that would be strongly match, it would be a better match. You would absolutely crush

Tyson  26:08
because Thomas and I have played together and we both kind of hold each other accountable for our losses. Like neither one of us is willing to take the blame. And so we're both like, No, it was you you it was you more. And that's probably pride and also delusion.

Kyle Newacheck  26:27
Yeah. What's next is next week Newport? Is that what that is

Tyson  26:32
next week. And there's also la so Newport is the major league pickleball. Yep. And then LA at the Riviera is the PPAs. exact copy and replica of Major League pickleball. Yeah.

Kyle Newacheck  26:47
Oh, cool.

Thomas  26:48
Yeah, they're calling. Yeah, I

Kyle Newacheck  26:50
read that. I read that in the article. There's like two. There's two major leagues that are there's WWE and WCW. Right. There's three. Oh, there's three and there's ECW.

Tyson  27:03
But this is yeah, this is the best though. One of them is the PPA and the other one is the a PP. I like I don't know why I fell in love with that. Right when I got into sport. I was like, they couldn't do like been more different than just like reversing the letters on

Kyle Newacheck  27:20
the PPA. Yeah, then a professional pickleball

Tyson  27:23
players. Professional pickleball Association rather than Association of Professional pickleball

Thomas  27:33
it's actually a PPP.

Kyle Newacheck  27:37
They don't even know it yet. But they're the same.

Tyson  27:39
Yes, exactly. They don't just look in the mirror guy. That's all they gotta do.

Kyle Newacheck  27:45
Nobody told him yet but they're the same company. Wow. And

Tyson  27:49
then Major League pickleball decided to go MLP so that's at least different which Yeah,

Kyle Newacheck  27:55
I like MLP that satisfies me in the same way that just the title of the you know the name pickleball does the MLP

Tyson  28:05
LP There we go. We have a friend that is the the coach of the pickleball coach at the ref two so he could probably get us in on the courts there if we ever wanted to play there.

Kyle Newacheck  28:16
Now is this I think I think I know this person. I think honesty. Yeah, I've had some texts with McNasty

Tyson  28:24
in their pictures as

Kyle Newacheck  28:26
well, or just now just words. Okay. Just words to follow up on.

Tyson  28:31
That was right. He can read. I can Misty can read. No. Digging on me. I'm like, Yeah, we only dig on McNasty here.

Kyle Newacheck  28:41
Well, yeah, yeah, I was supposed to go down there. Go over there last time I was in in town. But next time, absolutely. I think I'm coming down. So wait, LA is in two weeks is next week. Next week? It's the same the same weekend as Newport and weekend. Yeah, yep. Oh, so you're going okay, got it.

Tyson  29:00
I'm not going to be there. I have to be in Pittsburgh for a different pickleball tournament.

Kyle Newacheck  29:05
Oh, my god. It's so big.

Tyson  29:06
There's right. It's so much which I wanted to get your opinion on?

Kyle Newacheck  29:10
Yeah, let's talk about that.

Tyson  29:12
We just got an article come through today from GQ magazine. And they're saying that Pickleball is not maybe necessarily as big as everyone thinks it is. And that that's that just the PR and the drive kind of similar? Well, not really. I mean, CrossFit was super big and everybody talked about it and stuff, but like they're saying that our perspective as pickleball players is tennis is dying. Pickleball is here. But they're saying tennis is also thriving. And Pickleball is not as big as everyone says it is. What is your personal experience? Because my experience is Pickleball is thriving. Everywhere I go. Everyone wants to play pickleball tennis courts are empty.

Kyle Newacheck  29:55
Yes, I think Pickleball is absolutely the hot new thing, you know what I mean? It's like, what is this? And it's obviously more attainable. You know what I mean? Like you can step onto the pickleball court and start playing tennis court. I've always been intimidated by a tennis court, you know, but now that I've played pickleball, I might not be as intimidated

Tyson  30:20
by balls a gateway.

Kyle Newacheck  30:23
Well, I have been looking at tennis courts, like I've never looked at tennis courts before having not played the game, you know what I mean? Like I am looking at it and, and wondering,

Tyson  30:33
there's part of me that's also doing that, like, I played a little bit of tennis like 10 to 13 years old, I was in a club. And now I'm looking again, and being like, gamma makes Pat makes tennis rackets to Should I try this, but I asked some of the pros, and they're like, only if you want to torture yourself, because it is so much more frustrating than playing pickleball.

Kyle Newacheck  30:56
Yeah, I think it would be one of those, like, I'm gonna hang out and do this. mindful activity, you know what I mean? I'm not really that's the only reason I'm doing it, and to learn the game kind of in the run, you know, for exercise, but I mean, that's what everybody's getting out. Therefore, we've all come through the pandemic, they're like, let me get on the pickleball. Court and play teams, that's the exercise. It's like, yeah, kind of, but then you play singles, and

you play singles, and it's a little bit more, and then all of a sudden, you know, like, we've all we need, we need that. That's what I got. I didn't, that's what I got from that other article, like, Can pickleball save America is it's like it's getting everybody out there. Mingling again. Right. And that is that's worth that's worth a lot, you know, in an outdoor setting when people are nervous. It's like it's that's there's a circuit, there's circumstantial evidence that says Pickleball is supposed to boom right now. Yeah, it's supposed to be getting bigger and bigger and bigger. How big will it get? I don't know. It's moving fast.

Thomas  32:01
Yeah. So the GQ article, they they won compared it to kale when kale got popular, right? Like everyone was talking about it, but nobody actually liked it. Which I thought was kind of a funny analogy. Nobody still likes

Tyson  32:15
it. But it's supposed to be it's a superfood.

Kyle Newacheck  32:18
But exactly, that's what I'm saying. It is classified as a superfood. Sometimes I'll go to some kale. If I need some nutrients. You know what I mean? If pickleball becomes that, like, it won't become that, but that's also like it's good for you. If Pickleball is just like good for your mind. Then it's like if kale

Thomas  32:33
or if Kale was delicious,

Kyle Newacheck  32:37
right with blueberries.

Tyson  32:41
If Kale was crisp in the oven with a ton of butter and salt,

Kyle Newacheck  32:45
some seasoning. Kale Chips. Yeah.

Tyson  32:50
Yes, exactly. So yeah, they did compare it to kale. Remember that, but

Kyle Newacheck  32:55
I can't really get behind that comparison to tell you the truth. Sorry, I tried to walk GQ. I tried. Can't get behind that one.

Thomas  33:03
Yeah. Yeah. So I was saying that, like, it is the only article that's taken sort of the opposite perspective, or at least been a realist about it. Because anytime you read about pickleball right now, it's just pure advocacy. And it just endlessly talks about how Pickleball is the future and the next big thing, it's just only proponents, so I did appreciate how they kind of at least scrutinized it a little bit and offered a different perspective. But yeah, they compared it to kale and fidget spinners.

Kyle Newacheck  33:35
fidget spinners I kind of understood a little bit but, but fidget spinners with like infinite variables. You know, it's more like a yo yo than, than a fidget spinner. You know what I mean? Because yo, yo, you can do tricks and showcase your craft of yo yo fidget spinners. You're just simply like, ah, or I don't know, people. Maybe they're balancing fidgets, spinners and like tossing them and stuff. But like, I think it's more like, it's there's more to it than just

Tyson  34:07
That's exactly how I feel. When I compare it to something I compare it to golf in the sense that instead of going out for 18 holes for four hours and having one good shot to go home and be excited about and be like I hit one shot like a pro, you can come home after two hours on the pickleball court and be like I hit 20 shots like a pro. Yeah, like there's always those highlight moments that make you feel so good that come off the paddle perfectly exactly as you envisioned, and that's enough to give you the serotonin you need in your brain to go home and be happy about the rest of the day.

Kyle Newacheck  34:42
Exactly. Gives you a let's go for the rest of the day. You know, and we're just out here trying to collect Legos.

Tyson  34:48
Exactly. The more you can bank to start your day, the better.

Thomas  34:53
Yeah, well, it's important to note that the person comparing it to kale and fidget spinners is like a tennis player who They interviewed because they're like the prototypical tennis player who looks down upon pickleball. So like they wanted that.

Kyle Newacheck  35:06
Let's see, here's I thought that it was interesting because I'm like, Ah, I don't know if there's if like, the tennis courts are busy, they're not wherever I play pickleball they're not there's somebody having a game. And that's, that's what it is. But like I said, I'm interested in that game. I guess there is I don't know that it's a here or there, or us or them kind of thing. It might be a both it might be. Let's have a huge party here.

Tyson  35:34
Yeah. snowboarding and skiing, right? road biking versus mountain biking. Like all of these are things that coexist and thrive off of each other or can be in harmony. And I think that that's where we will we are we are already there with some with some people. Like I know a lot of tennis instructors who love to play pickleball. Tennis, they play pickleball they love them both. But

Kyle Newacheck  36:01
yeah, I mean, I'm a pickleball I haven't stepped foot on the tennis court. And I don't know that I will in the next year, because I'm gonna be focusing on my game because I worry about pickleball not tennis. All right. That's where I'm at personally, you want that quote? You know, but the world

Tyson  36:18
and you're going to be pro in your 50s Dude, go pro 10 years. You watch the courts for Kyle newage if you come it's real.

Kyle Newacheck  36:26
I you know, there's a two year Pro Tour.

Thomas  36:30
I take that pretty seriously.

Kyle Newacheck  36:32
Yeah, my favorite. My favorite pro like that. That's an older gentleman is what's his name? Mateus. Yeah, yeah,

Tyson  36:38
yeah, I used to get compared to him because I have long hair. And also I have a really pointy face. Yes. And I met him in person the first time and everybody was like, he could be your dad. And I was like, probably.

Kyle Newacheck  36:52
He is on another level. I love watching him play man. Yeah, because he just like seems to he seems to be able to be like to reach from one side of the court to the other side of the court. You know, he can just like cover it and you're like, how are you?

Tyson  37:05
He's gangly. Gay. Wait,

Thomas  37:07
yeah. Cooper on assuming looking like he looks like he's just kind of there to hang out. And then he gets out there and he crushes everybody if he's a good player, I mean, like, but yeah, it's instantly gold meddling in some of these senior events.

Tyson  37:20
That's the beauty of the sport though, to a certain degree. You can wear old cargo shorts. And, you know, and and kick ass. You can't do that. I was honest.

Kyle Newacheck  37:30
When I first started, I was wearing Jordans. I was very stoked on wearing Jordans to play pickleball

Tyson  37:35
because that's hilarious. Yeah, yeah. And it

Kyle Newacheck  37:39
kind of worked. It was like, you know, my ankles were fresh. They weren't really ready to go back and forth and get jostled like that. So I was like, lace them all the way up and what

Thomas  37:47
good depends on the type of Jordan because some of them have that flat soul particularly like, those classic ones that I mean, I don't know the name of it was like, Yeah, it's like a total.

Tyson  37:59
Come on. Those ones. I don't know the name. The Jordan ones.

Thomas  38:05
How do you know? How do you know? That's what I'm talking about? Dude. Okay,

Tyson  38:07
because what a flat soul and I also am 42 years old, bro. 4343 years old.

Kyle Newacheck  38:14
So I have a question. What is a pickleball? Shoe? What do you guys wear to play? Pickleball I'm just starting to jump into that. I'm like, I don't know what I'm supposed to get here.

Tyson  38:22
It's an old shoe. So you can get a tennis shoe or pickleball specific some of the pickleball specific shoes. I wear the field.

Thomas  38:31
He likes to feel the ones the feel the ones with the actual Pickleball is on I'm kind of I feel like that's right. Pickleball

Tyson  38:36
print on. Yeah. And yeah, also. I'll send you some. Yeah, yeah. We'll do the size.

Kyle Newacheck  38:46
Okay. You know, take them bra size. 13.

Tyson  38:51
Okay, I'll get your address and everything

Kyle Newacheck  38:53
I'm looking for. Yeah, cuz I want to know what I'm supposed to be. You know, I want to try. I want to try

Thomas  38:59
you can just wear any any tennis shoe any hardcore tennis shoe. Yeah, I

Kyle Newacheck  39:02
wear hokas right now and I like them. Oh, you do?

Thomas  39:06
The ones with the big bottoms or? Yeah,

Kyle Newacheck  39:08
they're not actually okay. Here's the thing. They look like. Danger. No, no, no, no, no, no. They look like they have big bottoms. They don't really have big bottoms. Do

Tyson  39:18
they say that about me? It depends.

Thomas  39:20
There's different models.

Kyle Newacheck  39:22
So is this why my ankles are kind of taking a beating? Yeah,

Tyson  39:25
yeah, because they're not. They're not designed for moving side to side you need an opera that is more stable. So when you push to the side, it keeps your foot on top of the soil rather than kind of sliding around or off the soil a little bit

Thomas  39:37
right. Like a hookah is so rounded that when you come to a stop you're you're you're like the shoe naturally pushes you to so your ankles just trying to like stabilize your your feet the whole time, like

Tyson  39:49
running. A running shoe is designed for moving forward. Right when you ride Yeah, that's why shoes are designed for that too, but their souls are so After so you're gonna wear through a basketball shoot really quickly on the court.

Kyle Newacheck  40:04
Well, that's okay. If I were through it. So would you suggest I put my Jordans back on over your hook

Tyson  40:09
us for sure. I'm gonna send you somebody less and you're gonna like those more?

Kyle Newacheck  40:14
Yeah. Oh, yeah. No if they I mean, yeah, if you wear them.

Tyson  40:17
Yeah, that's all. I'm in. Okay. You're influenced?

Kyle Newacheck  40:23
I've been influenced. Yeah, that's right. I just got a pickle ball bag. So I'm pretty hyped about that. But yeah, I'm getting all the accoutrements.

Tyson  40:31
Yeah, you have to live the lifestyle. Yeah, dude, everywhere I go, like airports. If I were anything pickleball guaranteed. Somebody's like, Bro. Pickleball. And like, that's right. That's right.

Kyle Newacheck  40:43
Yeah, yeah. It's booming. Man. It's a real thing. I I'm blown away at how blown out the courts in Burbank are, you know, like, just over the last like, six months. Like, I feel like I was going there. There wasn't a lot of people there. And now it's like, you wait for an hour and a half to play a game.

Tyson  41:01
What's the system there? Do you just put your paddle down and wait? Yep. And then people are supposed to rotate out after every game, right? Yep. And do they do that? Or are there people that just like, I'm staying on the court, and I've got big muscles. So wait, your turn.

Kyle Newacheck  41:14
There are groups of people that kind of have their own rotation, and they've reserved it, but there's only four courts. So it's just kind of like, oh, man, it's surpassing that like it's? Yeah,

Tyson  41:26
yeah. That's how we are at my HOA. We started with two courts, then we put four more temporary courts on the tennis court that was never being used. Right. And it's still not enough.

Kyle Newacheck  41:39
Wow. Yeah. What about I have a question. Maybe you guys know about this. Maybe you don't because, you know, I said I got a sandlot in the backyard. That is, you know, it's my pickleball. Court. But I want to I want to redo it. Yeah, I want to do a real one. Yeah. What's what's the what's, who are the where do I start,

Tyson  41:59
you look for a court, a court company, they'll resurface it. And then they'll put the tennis slash pickleball outdoor surface on it. Don't drill the holes into the ground deep enough to put the posts in. Or you can get a really nice temporary net that you can on and off if you want that open space. And without the net for some reason, like with your

Kyle Newacheck  42:19
kids. Oh, yeah. Cuz for basketball because I got basketball on both sides. Yes.

Tyson  42:23
So that's what you want to do is you just want to come in, you just want to find a local court surfacing company and have them come look.

Kyle Newacheck  42:30
And now would this be a pickleball? Court servicing or a tennis court services? Same

Tyson  42:34

Kyle Newacheck  42:36
It's the same guys.

Tyson  42:37
It's the same. It's the same see, there is harmony between sport it's the same. Same, not too different after all.

Kyle Newacheck  42:53
Pickleball will always be tennis is like, you know, little little sibling. Yeah, for sure. Your cousin.

Tyson  43:01
You don't think that teacher the student will become the teacher at some point.

Kyle Newacheck  43:05
I think speed the market is pickleball. Right. So it's like, I mean, do you think it's gonna get to the Olympics in the next?

Thomas  43:12
Probably not in the next decade? I

Kyle Newacheck  43:15
don't think next decade.

Tyson  43:17
I don't think so either. But there's a lot of people saying 2028 la.

Thomas  43:22
But even that, even that it's you know what, I don't know what they call like a sample game or whatever it is.

Tyson  43:28
Where they test it to see provisional, provisional. Yeah. Because yeah, they

Kyle Newacheck  43:33
did have a skateboarding I remember because skateboarding they were like gonna have it in and then it took forever to get it in. I think this last time was the first time right.

Thomas  43:40
Yeah, I know that it was in I don't know

Tyson  43:42
when, and even bigger. And there's big sports that have been introduced that have grown really fast and then gone directly into the Olympics without the provisional year, but that's very, very rare. And we saw, and Tom is going to kill me for this pronunciation, but this is how I've always heard it. Maccabi Games in Israel had a provisional pickleball event. But the pictures from it were that there were not that many competitors, like 30 or 40. So

Thomas  44:19
I don't because there just wasn't rapid representation from most of the countries, which you're saying.

Tyson  44:22
That's what I'm that's what I'm feel. Yeah, yes.

Kyle Newacheck  44:25
Oh, right. Yeah. You have to have representation from a majority of the world. Yes. Yeah. In order to make it be okay. It's in the Olympics, because that's all global games. Yes. Yeah. Yes. Yep.

Thomas  44:39
So there's actually like 7077 member countries of, well, if you read that one article, it's like, I guess this organization folded or something. But yeah, that National Federation of pickleball Yeah. Or there's some drama going on there. But there were, you know, 72 member countries. Yeah,

Tyson  44:54
but the member countries Kyle would be like, oh, you know, moved from Russia 15 years ago to play tennis in college. And now you're a professional pickleball. Player. You're our Russian consulate for pickleball. And yeah, right. And then you check Russia off on the gas.

Kyle Newacheck  45:15
Right. So you're you're not actually bringing up in the country in grant, you know, right, right.

Thomas  45:20
Yeah. Right. Like in lacrosse, when they do the global games, like I played with, I played high school lacrosse with a bunch of kids who played for the Mexican national team. The Mexican national team, the Italian national team, the Finnish national team are just all like American kids. Yeah,

Tyson  45:37
it's like the basketball in the Olympics, though. Basketball is in the Olympics. All the best players were originally from the NBA, but now it's picking up in other countries. And there's other countries that can beat the US from time to time. But I think that's where we're at. But like in its infancy, where, if we ever do do that international events, what you're going to see is most of the pros playing on the PPA, or the a PP or the MLP here, but they have passports. They have past

Thomas  46:05

Kyle Newacheck  46:06
Yeah, Doug Got it. Got it. PBA p p p a p

Thomas  46:15
make a song out of it.

Kyle Newacheck  46:16
Yeah. Yeah, that's wild.

Tyson  46:19
I mean, I feel like if you're gonna make a movie about pickleball, there needs to be definitely something touching on the PPA a, a PP. exact reverse acronym,

Kyle Newacheck  46:32
how many events how many actual like, you know,

Thomas  46:36
every, every single weekend, there's a pro event. And that's one of the problems. So like, everybody's fighting to get viewership that justify the sponsorship deals that they want to keep their businesses going. But they're all competing with each other for high balls. And honestly, they're hurting each other right now. Oh, I was burnt out. There's just too much heavy saturation.

Tyson  46:55
Yeah. And

Kyle Newacheck  46:57
you can't you you can't be represented in one league if you're in the other league, because they're playing simultaneously or whatever. Because,

Tyson  47:06
yeah. Yeah, the PPA has exclusivity to certain handful of players that can't play any other events. And so, yeah, so they're handcuffed to only playing PPA events, whereas a PP is more open. But a lot of people who have not been contracted or didn't want to contract with the PPA prefer the a PP just out of spite, maybe. Or

Thomas  47:31
there's definitely that for sure. And then

Tyson  47:33
the MLP, the same, the MLP. Like the PPA players can't play it the MLP. But the MLP is like the biggest money events. So then there's like a draw. And then the PPA players feel left out because they can't move over to the MLP. And the MLP is like making bigger and bigger prize purses just so that the PPA players are jealous from it. And it's a whole thing. So it's

Thomas  47:55
a nice little run down there.

Kyle Newacheck  47:57
Yeah, that's the that's that's the drama right there.

Tyson  48:00
It's really great. Yeah.

Kyle Newacheck  48:02
Yeah. Yeah. Wow. So what's up? There's the MLP. Like, is it doing all right? Or

Tyson  48:11
the MLP is doing okay. But right now, it's just, it's just a handful of events is like four, three or four events. And what they do is they do a team style play where they select two males and two females. And then they play a game of women's doubles with game of men's doubles, and two games of mixed doubles, and then tally those scores to see which is the winning team. And then they play for $100,000 prize purse. Yeah, well, $100,000 victory. Yeah. So if you are on one of those teams, and you win your whole team out 12 teams, if your team wins, you take home 25k of the 100k because there's only 40 on a team. That's dope. So back weekend.

Kyle Newacheck  48:57
Yeah, no, that sounds fine. Yeah, right. That's

Thomas  48:59
what's coming up in Newport here, the second, the second installment of the 2022 major league pickleball season. So that's what's happening in Newport, simultaneously, you know, just north of there. The PPA is basically like they they're basically putting on this event just to compete head to head with MRP a lot of animosity between the two groups right now. But

Tyson  49:20
yeah, right. But the MLP like the style they do is super super exciting because they do rally scoring instead of service scoring. So yeah, and it goes quick and fast. The reason they do that is they can schedule because timing

Kyle Newacheck  49:37
that I've never played that way Nikopol rally scoring

Tyson  49:40
people don't that's just for these events. And it's because

Kyle Newacheck  49:45
what you just alternate are you doing like, no,

Tyson  49:48
if you if you win the point you're serving, okay, but you can get a point no matter what, but you can get a point no matter what. So if you're right, if you're returning and you still and you win the point you score a point and you get service. And that's how the MLP does it. Yes. Because it's easy to schedule because you know around how long a game is going to take versus first 11 When by two could take an hour, right could also take 10 minutes.

Thomas  50:13
Yes. So

Kyle Newacheck  50:15
Oh, so that's like the real business mind of it is like alternatives or to fit in this time slot so we can schedule it. All right. All right. All right, right. But it works.

Tyson  50:27
And it makes it very exciting. And it comes down to the wire a lot, and then they have a tiebreaker that goes to singles. So then every player on each team plays for singles points against another player from the other team. It's kind of like the soccer tiebreaker shootout style thing. And so it's pretty cool too, but you should definitely check out some of the MLP stuff.

Kyle Newacheck  50:51
Yeah, I'm gonna try to play that way. I'm gonna see what that what that feels weird.

Thomas  50:54
Man. The first time I did it, I was like, I legitimately like you have to. It was like muscle memory to go back to the other type, like the read the scoring that we all do. And making that switch was really, I could not keep track of the score.

Kyle Newacheck  51:09
Yeah, because so fat. It's already seven set before scoring,

Tyson  51:13
and MLB. Even the MLP refs when they first start it, okay, you can see that they're also like having to readjust their brains to because they're calling scoring. They're like, Wait, nope, D Okay, here we go. Yeah, right.

Kyle Newacheck  51:26
So yeah, I mean, yeah, I mean, dude. Yeah. For me, it's all about playing the game. That's why I'm in it. You know what I mean? Like, the major league part is so interesting to watch. And that's all that, you know, it's very cool to see it. Boom. But it's all about playing the sport. Yes. That's me. Yeah. That's, that's what a majority of people have is, they get out there and they play the sport with their friends. Right. That's where it's growing. I mean, that's, that's, that's where the undercurrent is. Yeah, that's the whole there's a whole rumble. So Oh, I saw this. Wait, did you see this hilarious as like, news piece where they people were flipping out at the sound of the pickle balls?

Tyson  52:06
Yes. When? Yeah, lots of different cities have started complaining about that. So that articles been out a couple of times. Yeah, I made a video of me hitting the ball and having the ball make a Duck sound instead, and be like I had some engineers engineer a ball that makes it more pleasant sound and then I posted it, people loved it. I made another one with fart sounds instead. I never published it though. But I have on my

Thomas  52:30
phone. You sent that to me though.

Kyle Newacheck  52:33
Let me see that one. Let me get the fart one dude, that sounds to me dude. Just got to share with the world. I'm just you know.

Tyson  52:42
Now I have to share

Thomas  52:44
with the world that I've talked to you. I think you I think you do. I remember I was crying laughing because you didn't provide any context. I didn't know what I was like about

Tyson  52:57
so Elementary, because I'm not an editor. I'm not edit TV. I mean, I am a TV. But I'm a personality. I'm not. So

Kyle Newacheck  53:08
that's cool. That's the charm. Let me get that. Yeah. Okay. Send it to me. First. I'll give you notes. And then you can publish it.

Tyson  53:16
I'm not editing it again. So good. Put it out. Or don't put this out.

Kyle Newacheck  53:22
If it's got more than two fart sounds. It's good. Put it out. It's got like 20 It's good. What about the time? Every time

Tyson  53:31
the paddle hits the ball? I erased the ball slap sound with a it's good. What about

this guy knows it. This is his craft and his art. So I put it out. So good. We got anything else Thomas.

Thomas  53:59
No, I don't I don't think so. This was this was great. But one thing I wanted to mention, Kyle was that I saw you. You were a producer on Childish Gambino his heartbeat. And I have an I thought that was so I was just looking through it. And I have a vivid memory of me in 2012 washing windows at this job washing windows just listening to that. Oh, really? I love that song. Yeah.

Kyle Newacheck  54:23
That was that was a fantastic project man. Yeah, I met him on community. I met Donald on community. And then he was starting to get into, I mean, he was already in it. But he was going deeper into the music. And he asked me to come direct and produce that.

Thomas  54:40
He's one of the guys who's just like, super, super impressive and people don't realize all the different things he's doing at like the highest level you can do those things. Yeah,

Kyle Newacheck  54:50
he's always functioned at an incredibly high level. And the times I've gotten to work with him have been fantastic that that music Video is one of them I think there's a special texture to that video thank you for watching

Tyson  55:08
but also Kyle Nua check is a multi talent to Thomas Come on. Yeah, that we don't want to yeah but but

Kyle Newacheck  55:17
I didn't see I go in different worlds I didn't make it to too far as a musician, you know, I kind of I kind of pulled back and I'm putting all my chips into people. All right, so that's where

Tyson  55:30
it's at.

Kyle Newacheck  55:31
Let's go.

Tyson  55:34
Okay, Kyle, thank you so much for being with us. Dude. I'll DM you back and forth get your address and use some shoes

Thomas  55:41
Yeah, send me your address to I'll get you some some big swag.

Kyle Newacheck  55:45
Alright guys thank you so much for having me I'm happy to come talk pickle whenever and also more than happy to come play pickle when ever

Tyson  55:53
we'll get again same here. If you're ever in Phoenix area, let me know I can get us indoor outdoor whatever kind of court you need. And we'll go play and have some fun.

Kyle Newacheck  56:02
All right, let's Let's get after it.

Tyson  56:06
Later, guys, bye. Yeah.

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